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Link your app to an app store

AdMob allows you to add an app that hasn’t been listed in an app store yet, or is listed on a third-party store that AdMob doesn’t support. After you list your app in a store AdMob supports, you can link your app to an app store.

Linking your app to a supported store is an important step in your app readiness process

If you haven’t added your app to AdMob yet, review the instructions for how to set up an app in AdMob

If you just listed your app on an app store, it may take 24 to 48 hours before you can link to it. In some cases, it may take up to one week. 

Complete the following steps to link your app to an app store:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Apps in the sidebar.
  3. You can link your app from:
    1. All apps page:
      1. Click View all apps.
      2. Find the name of the app you want to link.
      3. Click Add store under the Stores column. 
    2. App settings page:
      1. Select the name of the app you want to link. 
      2. Click App settings
      3. In the App stores section, click Add store.

Note: If there’s no option to add an app store, you may have already linked this app. If the app is already linked, you can't change it. For Android apps, you can add additional stores after linking. 

Apps listed in Google Play or the Apple App Store 
  1. Search for your app by app name, developer name, or app ID. 
  2. Click Add next to the app you want to add. 
    1. If your Android app is also listed in other supported third-party Android stores and shares the same package name, select the stores from the list that appears. 
      At this time, AdMob supports the Amazon Appstore, OPPO App Market, Samsung Galaxy Store, VIVO App Store, and Xiaomi GetApps.

      If you’re also adding other third-party Android store, check that the package name is the same package name for the app on other Android stores. This package name is used for the app readiness review so it's important to ensure it correctly identifies your app.

  3. Click Continue
  4. The app name and the Android package name or Apple store ID will be automatically populated.
  5. Confirm that you want to enable user metrics for this app.
  6. Click Add app.
Note: You can't link private Google Play apps to AdMob. All Android apps must be publicly available in a supported store in order to link to AdMob.
Apps listed in other Android stores only (not in Google Play)
  1. Select the supported third-party app store that your app is listed in.
    At this time, AdMob supports the Amazon Appstore, OPPO App Market, Samsung Galaxy Store, VIVO App Store, and Xiaomi GetApps.

    If you’ve listed your app on a store we don't support yet, we recommend listing your app on a supported store or using the instructions for setting up an unpublished app or an app listed in an unsupported store. Note that apps listed exclusively in unsupported stores can’t be reviewed and will receive limited ad serving. 

    The ad mob interface showing how to add an app.Note that your app will not appear in the search results unless it’s listed in Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Click Continue
  3. Enter the package name for your app. Note that package names are case-sensitive and must exactly match the package name in the app stores. Learn more about package names.
    Package names and Apple store IDs are critical for ad serving and can’t be changed later. Make sure you’re linking to the right app before you proceed.
  4. Enter a name for your app. We recommend you use the same app name that's used in the store the app is listed in. This information may be used for the app readiness review.  
  5. Confirm that you want to enable user metrics for this app.
  6. Click Add app
To reuse the app’s package name or store ID in another app you’ve set up in AdMob, learn how to change a package name or store ID. You can also unlink your app from all app stores.


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