Troubleshoot problems running or exporting a report

Technical issues are usually the reason a report fails to run or export. For example, reports containing very long date ranges may timeout while they're running.

You can use the following suggestions to address some of the more common problems encountered when running or exporting a report:

Check your browser

  • Sign out of all Google accounts in the browser. Then, sign in to the account linked to your Ad Manager network.
  • Clear browsing data. This includes the cache, cookies, and "Hosted app data."
  • Use a private or incognito mode, if available in your preferred browser.
  • Use a different browser.

Check your environment

  • Use a different device or computer.
  • Use a different operating system.
  • If exporting a report, check for any network proxy that may block the download.
  • Use a different or external network.

Check for report timeout

A report may timeout if the data used while generating the report is too large (even if the final report is smaller in comparison). We recommend that you run reports that take up less than 2GB of data. When you export a report to Google Drive, it must be below the allowed file size for spreadsheets.

  • Use a shorter date range.
  • Use fewer dimensions and metrics.
  • Use more granular filters.
  • If exporting, use a different file format.
  • Split a single large report into multiple smaller reports using different metrics.
  • Split a single large report into multiple smaller reports using different filters.

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