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About Manage Account delegation

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

With Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Manage Account delegation type, parent publishers are granted edit access to manage inventory directly in the child publisher account. The child publisher retains permissions and access to all settings.

While a parent publisher can use Manage Account for one or more child publishers, a child publisher can only have one parent publisher use Manage Account.

For Ad Manager 360 platform partners, please read the MCM documentation specific to your use.

Partner with a trusted expert

We have a list of Google Certified Publishing Partners who can help publishers manage their Ad Manager account. They’ll help with everything from growing ad revenue to strategizing across many areas including setup, optimization, and maintenance. Find the right partner for you.

Payment facilitation

Manage Account offers payment facilitation, where Google can automatically send earnings accrued in the child network to the parent. For reseller partners, this percentage is always 100%. For other partners, this percentage is specified in the invitation from the parent to the child and can vary from 0-100%.

Payment facilitation applies to earnings from the child's Primary Ad Exchange account for the following transaction types:

  • Open Bidding (except where the third-party demand partner directly pays the child or a third party on the child's behalf)
  • Preferred Deals
  • Programmatic Guaranteed
  • Private Auctions
  • Open Auctions

Get started

  1. Enable the necessary permissions.
  2. Request access to another publisher's network:
  3. Approve a request for network access (for child publishers).

Open Bidding restrictions

In Open Bidding, Manage Account parents can’t adjust the settings of a child partner with the status “Onboard online started.” If you click a bidder's name with that status, the page redirects.

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