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Invite a child publisher (for Ad Manager 360 resellers)

Publishers can request access to another publisher's inventory

For Ad Manager 360 reseller partners, the Multiple Customer Management (MCM) invitation process enables Google monetization and payment facilitation within reseller child networks through the auto-payment feature.

If the child publisher ends the agreement, the child publisher can no longer serve ads until it is reconnected to a new Ad Manager reseller parent publisher.

Send an invitation

All the invitations sent from a Google Ad Manager reseller network through the Multiple Customer Management invitation flow will automatically include the terms and conditions specific to the reseller model.

To send an invitation for a reseller child publisher:

  1. Sign in to the Google Ad Manager network dedicated to manage all reseller child publishers (reseller parent network).
  2. Click Admin and then Multiple Customer Management.
  3. Click Invitations.
  4. Click New child publisher.
  5. Select proposed delegation type "Manage Account".
  6. Enter the "Network code" of the target child network.

    A network code is a unique number that identifies an Ad Manager network. For the child network, this code is located under Admin and then Global settings and then Network settings.

    You'll receive an error message if the selected network isn't enabled for delegation, it's already being managed by another parent, or it's already a parent to another child network.

  7. Enter the email address of the child publisher to whom the invitation will be sent. This email address must be unique, and not shared by other child publishers.
  8. View the preview of the email invitation that will be sent to the reseller child network to request access. Your network name and ID are included.
  9. Click Save and send invitation.

Manage your child publishers

After the child network approves your request for delegation:

  • Auto-payment preferences are activated within 24 hours.
  • The Google monetization revenue starts being paid to you, as reseller manager.

To view or manage a child publisher:

  1. Click Admin and then Multiple Customer Management, and the Payments tab appears by default. This data will only become available after the completion of at least one payment cycle after the child publisher has approved the request for delegation and auto-payment.
  2. Click Go to network to open a separate instance of Ad Manager that is signed in to the child publisher in a new window.

See your child publisher's payments

After the other network approves your request for delegation, you can view payments information for your new child publisher by clicking Admin and then Multiple Customer Management, and the Payments tab appears by default. Because the auto-payment percentage for reseller partners is 100% of the child publisher’s earnings, as part of the reseller model, the “Child revenue share” column will show "0.00".

This data is only available for a new child publisher after the completion of at least one payment cycle after the request for delegation and auto-payment is accepted. The amounts will be shown in the currency selected for payment in the parent's account.

Please refer to the reports from the child network for the estimated earnings of each child network accrued before this month.

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