Exclude Open Auction inventory

Learn about inventory exclusion rules under Protections

Inventory exclusions indicate what inventory to exclude from the Open Auction. Inventory exclusion rule allow you to exclude inventory types or targeting values.

Targeting values

The targeting values included in an inventory exclusion rule are blocked from the Open Auction. If no targeting values are included in the targeting picker, then all inventory is blocked from the Open Auction.

  • Add targeting values to the targeting picker to ensure you're not excluding all inventory from the Open Auction.
  • If you want to include all inventory in the Open Auction, simply don't add any inventory exclusion rules.

Inventory exclusions apply to these transactions

  • Open Auctions

Learn more about transaction types.

Get started

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Protections and then Protections
  3. Click New protection and then Inventory exclusion
  4. Name your protection.
  5. From the “Excluded inventory type” dropdown, select the medium on which you want to block the display of Open  Auction ads, such as Mobile app.
  6. The default is to block Open Auction ads from all inventory. To block/allow specific inventory:
    1. Select Only protect specified inventory.
    2. Click Add targeting.
    3. Select an item from the dropdown.
    4. Click in the box of the item you just selected (for example, click All inventory).
    5. Click Edit Edit next to items to drill down.
    6. Click Include   to block Open Auction ads from the item.
    7. Click Exclude  to allow the item to show Open Auction ads.
  7. Click Save.
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