Transaction types in Ad Exchange

Your contract may refer to different types of transactions. The following describes the details of the available types:

Type Description
Open Bidding "Open Bidding" (formerly Exchange Bidding) allows Company to activate certain advertising exchanges and sell-side platforms with whom Company has a direct contractual relationship ("Authorized Exchange Bidders") to compete with Ad Exchange and Ad Manager in a unified real-time auction for Company's inventory.
First Look First Look transactions are auction-based transactions for specific inventory with specific buyer(s) that bid with your designated floor price, configured using rules.
For clarity, First Look transactions are considered Open Auction transactions for billing/revenue share calculation purposes.
Open Auction Open Auction transactions are auction-based transactions for inventory available to all buyers.
Preferred Deal Preferred Deal transactions are fixed-price, pre-auction transactions that the publisher negotiates with specific buyer(s).
Private Auction Private Auction transactions are auction-based transactions with specific buyer(s) that are allowlisted by company.
Programmatic Guaranteed Programmatic Guaranteed transactions are fixed-price transactions with a pre-committed set of inventory that is negotiated with a single buyer.

Preferred Deals, Private Auctions, and Programmatic Guaranteed are managed via the Deals interface. A deal ID is associated with these transaction types.

"Self-Bought Inventory" refers to Company purchasing its own inventory in accordance with certain parameters as defined by Google and provided to Company (including via e-mail or via the Google Ad Manager user interface).

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