Native styles or custom rendering?

Ad Manager offers two delivery methods for native ads: Native styles (for web and apps) and custom rendering (for apps only).

Native styles

Most publishers will prefer native styles, which allow you to manage the look and feel of your native ads within Ad Manager, for both web and apps. Ad Manager handles the rendering of your native ads based on native styles you specify within the product. A given native ad format may have many different native styles.

To use native styles, select the “Guided design editor” or “HTML & CSS editor” option when choosing how to create a native ad.

Custom rendering

Custom rendering allows you to bypass native styles and render your own native ads in app code. You can implement highly custom renderings that take full advantage of the functionality of Android and iOS (like swipe gestures and animation). This is a good choice for advanced developers who want to render in their own code.

To use custom rendering, select the “Android & iOS app code” option when choosing how to create a native ad.

Comparison: Native styles vs. custom rendering

Here’s a table to help you decide which native delivery method to use:

  Native styles Custom rendering
Use case Most publishers who want to serve native ads using Ad Manager App developers who want to implement highly custom renderings in their own Android or iOS code
Selection in Ad Manager Guided design editor
HTML & CSS editor
Android & iOS app code
Ads displayed on Mobile apps
Mobile web
Desktop web
Mobile apps
Delivery method Native styles managed within Ad Manager Publisher custom renders ads using Google Mobile Ads SDK
Advantages Manage native styles within Ad Manager for all screens. No site or app updates are necessary. Implement highly custom behaviors with Android or iOS code. Pre-fetch ad components.
Serve traditional ads? Depends on options you select to create native ads Yes
Serve programmatic ads? Depends on options you select to create native ads Yes

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