Reproducing Yield report data in your Overview Home dashboard

The Yield report has been deprecated. However, similar functionality is available in the “Demand comparison” card on your Overview Home dashboard.  

Compare demand channels

Use the "Demand comparison" card to compare how different demand channels are performing over the selected time period. Customize the chart by selecting different demand channels and dimensions.

  • Click Show details to see a table with totals for each demand channel across all of the metrics. The table only shows data for the demand channels that recorded impressions during the selected time period. Click the name of a demand channel in the table to open a report filtered by that demand channel.
  • Click View in reporting to open the full report for further investigation.

View aggregate data across all demand channels

Similar to the Yield report, you can view data in aggregate in the chart and table in your demand comparison. Click the drop-down name of one of the demand channels in the table and select All demand channels to add a line to the chart representing the total across all demand channels. 

Reproduce Yield report functionality in your “Demand comparison” card

Most of the actions you could take on the Yield report are also available in the “Demand comparison” card on your Overview home dashboard. Review the following list to compare functionality between the two:

View aggregate data

  • Yield report: Select “Aggregated Demand Channel”
  • Demand comparison: Change one of the demand channels in the chart to “All demand channels” to view aggregate data. To view total revenue, you’ll also need to select the “Revenue” metric.

Set a date range

  • Yield report: Select a specific pair of dates
  • Demand comparison: Select a period of “Last 7 days” or “Last 30 days”

Drill down to learn more about the data

  • Yield report: Click the links in the table to filter the data by your selection and drill down to the next level. Levels you can drill down: Yield Type and then Company and then Order and then Line Item
  • Demand comparison: Click the name of a demand channel to view a report filtered by that channel and further broken down by advertiser or ad unit. Use the settings in reporting to customize the report.
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