Ad Manager and Ad Exchange program policies

Ad technology providers and linked accounts

Whose ad technology provider controls are used when an Ad Manager account is linked to multiple Ad Exchange/AdSense accounts?

It depends on how the Ad Manager publisher is sending traffic.

If the Ad Manager publisher is sending traffic using: The ad technology provider controls for this account are used
One or more of the following:
  • “Ad Exchange” or “AdSense” type line items
  • Programmatic Guaranteed or Preferred Deals in Ad Manager line items
  • Open Bidding Yield Groups
  • First Look
The Ad Manager account where the setup occurred for the line item, Open Bidding Yield Group, or First Look.
Other means, such as:
  • Ad Exchange tags directly on the site
  • Ad Exchange tags set up as third-party line items
The Ad Manager account whose network is assigned to the Ad Exchange account. Learn more about accounts in Ad Manager.
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