Bulk upload child publishers

If you’re working with several new child publishers for Scaled Partner Management, you can add them all at once with bulk upload. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Scaled partner management.
  3. Click Bulk upload child publishers.
  4. Prepare a CSV file with information for the new child publishers.
    See the section below for requirements, a template, and more.
  5. In Ad Manager, browse for the CSV file and then Preview and Confirm the upload.
    Learn about common upload errors.

After you confirm the upload, the invitations will be emailed to the child publishers. As described here, the child publishers will fill out the fields, submit, and wait for Google to complete the approval process.

CSV file requirements

The file can have a maximum of 100 child publishers (not including header rows with # prefix) and include the following variables.

Variable Required/
Format Description
Child publisher name Required String (maximum of 80 characters) The actual name for the child publisher. We strongly recommend that you use the child publisher company name rather than the domain/app.
Contact email Required Valid email address The email address where the invitation will be sent (email must be unique per channel partner). It doesn’t need to be a Google Account.

Template and example

This template and the following example have valid values for a child publisher upload:

Child Publisher 1, childpublisher1@test.comm

Common upload errors

  • One or more of the specified child publisher names are already in use. Each child publisher name (including active/previously deleted entries) must be unique.
  • Both variables (Child publisher name and Contact email) are required; one may be missing or invalid. They must also be unique per channel partner.
  • The 100-entry upload limit has been exceeded.
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