Inspect creatives by screenshot (Beta)

You can upload a screenshot of a creative directly from your network’s website or app and see debug information. The information will vary based on whether the creative came from Ad Manager, Ad Exchange backfill, or Open Bidding. You can share this information with others who have access to this Ad Manager network for further investigation.

If the creative is from Ad Exchange backfill, you’ll also have the option to block the creative from serving on the website/app where you took the screenshot, or to report an issue.

Upload the image and see details

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. If you don’t yet have a screenshot, go to a website or app in your network that contains a creative. Take a screenshot of the creative, following these requirements:
    • The creative must be served by the Ad Manager network you’re currently signed in to.
    • The original image the screenshot tool generated must be a PNG file.
    • The image cannot be zoomed out.
    • The image cannot be compressed.
    • Include only one creative in the image.
    • Video VAST and out-of-page creatives are not supported.
    • Screenshots of creatives viewed in the Ad review center are not supported.
  3. In Ad Manager, click Delivery and then Delivery Tools.
  4. In the "Screenshot" box, click Select.
  5. Add the image from step 2. You can either drag and drop the image or click Choose an image to upload.
  6. Under the "Action" column, click Inspect to review the delivery details for the creative.
    • If the creative is from Ad Exchange backfill, you can block it or report a potential issue. Click the Block creative tab and then click one of the following next to "Suggestion":
      • Block ad: Prevent the creative from serving. The blocked ads will appear in the "Blocked tab" of the Ad review center.
      • Report to policy: Submit a creative that may have policy issues to Google. We’ll review the creative and respond with our findings.
    • If an issue with your creative requires further investigation, you can share the URL with others who have access to this Ad Manager network. Note that Ad Manager will only share the impression information and not the screenshot.

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