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Traffic ads with Apple News

If you work with Apple, this integration enables you to use your existing Ad Manager network to traffic direct ads in the Apple News app just as you do with your own inventory, providing a seamless workflow for monetizing content both on your site and with Apple News.

Creative attributes passed to Apple

The ad response for Apple News inventory passes limited data about ad attributes to Apple.

By choosing to use this feature you authorize Google to disclose the following data to Apple in connection with impressions monetized through this implementation:

Data passed includes the line item type, line item ID, creative type, creative ID, advertiser ID, campaign ID, client-side ad unit, and ad size. Passing this data to Apple helps ensure the ad renders correctly and reporting works properly.

Available capabilities

  • For CPM, CPC, and CPD campaigns, you can create line items in Ad Manager and target them to Apple News inventory.
  • Reporting and inventory forecasting is available through Ad Manager.
  • See Apple News Ads Advertising Guide for targeting, creative, and ad tag capabilities. Refer to Apple's Workbench and Google Ad Manager Set Up Guide for more information.
  • Display and VAST tagging support is available for some third-party vendors. For the most recent list, please see the Supported third-party ad tag vendors section of the Third-party ad tags guide.
  • Campaign Manager 360 support is available for display but not for VAST.
  • Both pre-roll and non-instream formats are supported. Only display metrics and dimensions are available in reporting. Advertisers/buyers must rely on their third-party ad server for video-specific metrics, such as VAST quartiles.
  • Programmatic Guaranteed, for both publisher-managed and advertiser-provided creatives, and Preferred Deals are supported for display with Display & Video 360 and all other DSPs.


  • This feature is currently only available to publishers in AU, CA, the UK, and the US.
  • The following features aren't supported:
    • Active View metrics
    • Dynamic allocation with Google Ad Exchange or third parties
    • Targeting of connection, mobile app, audience segments, key-values.* 
    • Run-of-network line items. You can still use creative-level targeting; see "Create a campaign in Ad Manager".
    • Preview of creatives within Ad Manager is not available. However, you should test your ads on a supported iOS device by utilizing the Workbench Ad Tester.
  • As with Workbench, targeting is based on users' home (not current) locations.
  • Frequency caps have a maximum duration of 30 days. 
  • Ad Manager forecasting numbers will differ from those available in Workbench.
  • Third-party tags inserted into a creative won't be validated for syntax, or to determine if the creative comes from a recognized rich content vendor.

*Note: While Ad Manager key-values aren’t supported, Apple-defined key-values are supported.

Configure Ad Manager ad serving in Workbench

Complete the instructions in the Workbench and Google Ad Manager Setup Guide.

Set up new creative

To set up banner or video ads, upload one of the supported creative types, such as image, Campaign Manager 360, or third-party tags

For native ads, Ad Manager's native ads are not supported. You must use the Apple News Native 4.0 creative template. 

For the most up-to-date list of Ad Manager ad sizes that are compatible with Apple News, see the Workbench and Google Ad Manager Setup Guide.

Create a campaign in Ad Manager

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Create an order. Any order can include an Apple News line item.
  3. Create a line item.
    1. Under "Add targeting", add the Apple News ad unit you created in "Setting Up Ad Units in Google Ad Manager" to Inventory targeting.
      The inventory size must be a supported Apple News ad size, as described in the Advertising specifications for Apple News.

      The frequency cap can have a maximum duration of one month.

      Run-of-network targeting isn't supported. Ensure that no other line items or creatives are targeting the Apple News ad unit.

      If you need to use run-of-network targeting, you can still use creative-level targeting. Ensure that the line item doesn't have a fallback creative, so that no other creative can serve to the Apple News ad unit.

    2. Click Custom targeting and add the key-values you configured for Apple News.
    3. Save your changes.
  4. Add a creative to the line item. 
    1. For image ads, third-party ads, and VAST tags, select a creative to upload. For native ads, under “Custom creative template,” click Select a template, select the template you imported, and click Continue.
    2. Creatives will be audited to ensure that they meet Apple content guidelines for publishers.
  5. Activate the line item.

Improve forecasting accuracy for Apple News inventory in Ad Manager (optional)

Apple Workbench calculates forecasting differently than Ad Manager, which can result in inflated forecasts within Ad Manager. For more accurate Ad Manager forecasting, we recommend configuring a forecasting pixel line item, which doesn't show any visible ads to users.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Create an order with the following settings:
    • Inventory sizes: Select from the available sizes listed in the chart on Supported ad types, formats, and tags
    • Line item type: House (priority 16)
    • Start time: Immediately
    • End time: Unlimited
    • Goal: 100% of remaining impressions
    • Targeting: Every Apple News ad unit you have created
  3. Using the "Forecasting Pixel" Standard creative template as the creative type, create one creative for each inventory size listed in the chart on Supported ad types, formats and tags, and associate them with the forecasting pixel line item you created.

Standard Ad Manager ad serving fees apply for all impressions that use this solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my line item running?

Ensure that you do the following:

  • Select Ad Manager ad sizes that are compatible with Apple News. 
  • Verify that you are using one of the supported creative types, such as image, Campaign Manager 360, or third-party tags.
  • Use the correct line item/ad unit size for the corresponding Workbench ad format in the creative template.
  • Verify that the creative has not been rejected by Apple. Apple audits creatives and rejects those that violate Apple policies.

How do I contact Apple about issues that I encounter with Workbench?

Visit the following link and sign into Workbench: Contact link for Apple News publishers

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