Using AMP pages with Ad Manager

When setting up AMP pages, keep in mind the following Ad Manager-specific features and instructions.

Generate AMP ad tags in Ad Manager

Generate AMP ad tags to embed Ad Manager ad slots into your AMP pages.

Use real-time targeting data in Ad Manager

Real Time Config (RTC) allows publishers to augment ad requests with targeting information that’s retrieved at runtime. Click the following for more information about implementing RTC:

RTC is a feature of the Fast Fetch request method for AMP.

Ad refresh on AMP

Set up refresh events for <amp-ad> tags that use the Fast Fetch request method, enabling you to expose users to a greater volume of ads while maintaining high viewability. 

Add a metadata tag to the head of your AMP page to indicate the refresh interval (a minimum of 30 seconds). Configure this setting at the page level, or individual ad slot level. Learn more


  • Refresh is not compatible with SRA (Single Request Architecture). Enabling both features for an ad slot causes refresh to be disabled, and an error message appears in your console.
  • For ad slots using multi-size, refresh queries generate new multi-size requests only using creative sizes equal to or smaller than the existing creative. Therefore, over time, auto-refreshing multi-size slots may tend to get smaller. 

SafeFrame with AMP pages

The SafeFrame API is compatible with any non-AMPHTML ad that serves on an AMP page using Ad Manager AMP ad tags. Learn more about SafeFrame

The maximum expansion size of the SafeFrame container is limited to that of the viewport. AMP doesn't allow ad slots within the viewport to resize, so a creative's request to resize is only honored when the ad slot is outside of the viewport.

AMP with IMA SDK Video

The amp-ima-video component for AMP pages provides a streamlined, lightweight video player with video ad support to help improve monetization. It currently supports VMAP, skippable ads, ad podding, VPAID JavaScript, and Active View. The player is already integrated with the IMA SDK; to embed it, just insert the tag on your AMP page and provide an ad and video content URL. Learn more

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