Ad Manager Home dashboards​

See daily summaries of revenue, performance, and delivery
The Yield report has been deprecated. You can find similar functionality in the “Demand comparison” card on your Overview Home dashboard, along with more insights and analysis.

The Home dashboards in Google Ad Manager provide daily snapshots of your network's Ad Manager and Ad Exchange (AdX) revenue performance over time and in relation to comparable publishers. These dashboards aren’t intended to replace your reports in Query Tool, but to supplement them by surfacing new opportunities and giving you insights into which of your strategies have been the most effective.

View your Home dashboards

Complete the following steps to access any of your Home dashboards:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Home.
  3. Select a dashboard to view by clicking the corresponding tab at the top of the Home page:
    • Overview: See an overview of revenue and performance
    • Delivery: Review your line items and orders that might need attention
    • Advertisers: Review the revenue generated by classified advertisers
    • Ad Speed: Review the factors that may affect ad serving speed on your network
    • Opportunities: Review your available opportunities and experiments

Get access to your Home dashboards

Certain user role permissions are required to view the Home dashboards. If a user doesn’t have the right permissions, they’ll see the previous version of the Ad Manager dashboard.

Home dashboard Required user role permission
Overview “View Overview and Advertisers Home dashboards”
Delivery “View my orders and line items”
Advertisers “View Overview and Advertisers Home dashboards”

"View ad units, placements, and key-values"
"View AdX experiments"
"Edit AdX experiments"
"Ad Exchange"


New user role permissions enhance Ad Manager data access controls:

  • View Overview and Advertiser Home dashboards NEW
    Determine who can access the "Overview" and "Advertisers" Home dashboards, even if they have permission to view reports.
  • Create and view reports filtered by teams NEW
    Limit a user's data access to only those events related to advertisers or inventory associated with their assigned Teams. This permission won’t limit Query Tool results until late 2019, but the "Overview" and "Advertisers" dashboards aren’t filtered by Teams and are only available to users without this limit. 
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