Transition from Ad Exchange UI tags to Ad Manager ad units

We have converted Ad Exchange UI tags to targetable Ad Manager ad units; no action is required. You should now use Ad Manager to create and target all of your inventory.

This change doesn't affect Ad Exchange tags placed directly on a page, or in a third-party ad server, which continue to work.


Using a single unit of inventory across Ad Manager and Ad Exchange provides:

  • Full transparency and visibility across all sales channels and platform types.
  • A unified and streamlined inventory creation and management workflow.
  • Simplified workflows with higher revenue and more opportunities.

View converted ad units

Before the conversion

Ad Exchange UI tags were available in Ad Manager by navigating to Inventory and then Ad Exchange and then UI tags. That page is no longer available.


Ad Exchange UI tags have been converted to ad units and are available at Inventory and then Ad units. In addition:

  • Each Ad Exchange inventory type (Display, Mobile app, In-stream video) has been converted to a top-level Ad Manager ad unit. 
    • The naming format of these top-level ad units is: “Ad Exchange [inventory type]” (for example, “Ad Exchange Mobile In-app”). This field is editable.
    • The ad unit code is the same as the associated web property code for that inventory type, with “-tag” appended to it (for example, “ca-pub-xxxxxxxx-tag”).
  • Ad Exchange UI tags have been converted to ad units under the top-level ad unit that's appropriate to their inventory type.
    • For example, tags that were under the "Display" inventory type in Ad Exchange are now under the new top-level "Ad Exchange Display" ad unit.
    • The inventory type for these ad units is visible on the ad unit details page.

Ad Exchange ad units are only available for networks that previously had Ad Exchange tags. All new ad units can only be created with Ad Manager ad units.


All users in the Ad Exchange Manager role now have the following permissions:

  • View ad units, placements, and key-values
  • Edit ad units, placements, and key-values

If your network uses Teams, only users on the "All entities" team can view the new ad units in Ad Manager in the inventory targeting picker and on ad unit pages. You must add the new ad units to one or more additional teams to allow other users to view them. 

Target ad units

All ad units converted from Ad Exchange UI tags are targetable by rules and deals. These ad units appear in the targeting picker under "Ad units", rather than "Tags". No additional action is needed, and targeting continues to work as before.

By default, only the Ad Exchange UI tags associated with your primary Ad Exchange account were converted to Ad Manager ad units. To target these new ad units in Inventory rules or deals, ensure that your other linked Ad Exchange accounts have a dynamic allocation relationship with the Ad Manager network containing the new ad units.

Generate tags

Use the Tag Generator to generate both GPT and Ad Exchange tags for any ad units created from Ad Exchange UI tags. You can continue to use the Ad Exchange tags on your page or traffic them using a third-party ad server.

  • The type of Ad Exchange tag you can create depends on the inventory type that's associated with the ad unit (for example, you can create an Ad Exchange video tag for an ad unit under the "Video" inventory hierarchy).
  • If an ad unit doesn't have a inventory type, you can only generate a GPT tag for it instead.
  • If generating GPT tags from ad units that were converted from Ad Exchange UI tags, you must first target line items to those ad units in order for the tags to work.


Report on impressions for converted ad units:

  • Ad Manager reporting: Include requests from ad units that were converted from Ad Exchange UI tags by adding the "DFP Ad unit", "DFP Ad unit (top level")", or "Tags" dimensions
  • Ad Exchange historical reports: Include the "Ad Manager ad units" dimension.
Data is only available starting from the conversion date.
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