If you'd like to know more about the Open Bidding feature within Ad Manager, please refer to these articles in the Ad Manager Help Center. For additional information about the Open Bidding product, please use the "?" icon on the top right hand side of your Open Bidding account.

For publishers

Video in Open Bidding

Request video ads from third-party exchanges

Are you an exchange?
Learn how to configure your exchange integration to respond to publisher's in-stream video requests.

Open Bidding for video ads is very similar to Open Bidding for display ads, using yield groups and your existing Google SDK and tag integration. Creatives are returned to the publisher in VAST format, with the VAST version number as specified in the request.

You can serve video ads from third‑party exchanges in Open Bidding. They are eligible to serve to desktop, mobile web, and mobile app inventory as either in-stream video ads, or video ads that appear outside of a video player (non-in-stream).

Learn more about how Open Bidding works.

Requirements and restrictions

  • The IMA SDK is required. However, third-party SSP SDKs do not need to be integrated into the player.
  • If a non-in-stream slot is eligible, then the request may contain both video and display.
  • If the buyer is not opted out of bid flattening, exchanges receive separate bid requests for video and display.
  • Duration and skip-ability controls must be configured in each respective exchange.
  • For standard ad pod requests, maximum duration is not enforced, and should be set by the third-party buyer.
  • For optimized pod requests, maximum duration is enforced to ensure it's eligible to fit in the pod.
  • Session ad rules are not currently supported.
  • YouTube Player for Publishers is not currently supported.

Set up a video yield group

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Yield groups.
  3. Create a new yield group, or click the name of an existing video yield group to update.
  4. Choose the ad format:

    • For in-stream video: select In-stream video and audio
    • For non-in-stream video: select Banner
    • For rewarded video: select Rewarded
  5. Choose the inventory type. For video ads that appear outside of a video player, only web inventory is available.
  6. Add targeting to your yield group to determine which inventory will be available to third-party exchanges.
  7. Add Open Bidding yield partners.
  8. Click Save.

Report on Open Bidding in-stream video performance

Publishers are protected against excessive VAST errors and VPAID opt outs with video throttling and invalid activity filtering. Use Ad Manager reports to understand how video bids are selected.

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