Add native creatives

Add creatives as you normally would, with the following updates for native ads:

  1. Make sure to select a native advertiser.
  2. In the "Native format" box, select a native ad format where you’ve added native styles and click Continue.
    • For the Android & iOS app code option: You don’t need native styles. This option bypasses any styles on the native ad format.
    • For programmatic native ads: Add an Ad Exchange creative with the “Native” size, or add the “Native” size to an existing multi-size creative. Learn more
  3. In the "Target ad unit size" dropdown, the Native option will automatically be generated.
  4. Enter settings for the variables, which were defined in your custom or standard native ad format.

Note that, like native line items, native creatives have no size. Native creatives can deliver to any size for which you have set up a native style (or, you can request a native creative’s components directly with the Android and iOS app code option).

For native video, you have the option to add a poster image. This is an image file that displays while the video loads, or until the user clicks to play the video. This image also displays after video completion. If this is not included, the first frame of the video is displayed. For desktop devices, no image is displayed while the video loads.

Multiple video assets can be attached to a single native video creative, which allows you to include files with varying attributes, such as bitrate.

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