Create an order and line items for native

Once you have created native ads, you create an order and line items as you normally would. The differences for native ads are described below.

The native line item trafficking workflow is completely sizeless. A line item for a given native ad format will deliver to all sizes on the native styles for that format. This enables a native workflow, and once you’ve configured your native styles, you'll only need to traffic a single native line item for each order. Ad Manager's forecasting system accounts for all the sizes on your native styles.

Create an order

There are no special native settings at the order level.

Create line items

  • If you’re using native styles, ensure that both the style targeting and line item targeting match the request.
  • We strongly recommend you have banners compete with native ads to maximize performance.

The line item size you need to enter for native varies based on the transaction type:

Transaction type Action
Traditional transactions

In the "Expected creatives" field, select a native ad format (rather than a traditional size). Native line items use native ad formats as creative placeholders instead of sizes.

  • Native styles: This enables native line items to deliver to all sizes for which you have set up native styles.
  • Custom rendering: Handles the sizing and layout in the app.
Ad Exchange line items In the “Expected creatives” field, select Native Programmatic (Native).
Private Auctions
  • For the Ad Exchange line items you want to target, in the “Expected creatives” field, select Native Programmatic (Native).
  • In the Private Auction, use the appropriate size depending on the type of native delivery method being used:
    • Native styles: Use the sizes in the ad requests/tags.
    • Custom rendering: Use the Custom rendering size.
Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals
  • Start a programmatic proposal as you normally would and add a new proposal line item.
  • The proposal line item needs to have the name of the native ad format entered as the size.
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