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Set video creative eligibility with profiles

As a video publisher, you may have different creative requirements for various devices, or partner inventory. Using video creative profiles, you can simplify trafficking for these custom requirements using controls that automatically determine which video creatives are eligible to serve to different platforms, according to signals you set in your video ad tag.

To access video creative profiles, your user role, as defined in the "Access & authorization" section of the Admin tab, must have "Edit creatives" selected in the "Trafficking and delivery" settings.

This feature works with VAST 2 and higher.

Set up a video creative profile

The criteria available to explicitly allow in a profile include any combination of media file types, bitrate range, and the allowance of VAST redirects. To set up a profile:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video and then Video creative profiles and then New video creative profile.
  3. Configure your new profile by specifying the following:

    1. Name: Enter a unique name that describes the video criteria.
    2. Restrictions: 

      Select to allow third-party VAST redirects.

      Choose to either allow all files, or to only allow specific media file types. Available types are MP4, HLS, DASH, WEBM, MOV, 3GP, and FLV. You can also choose to allow VPAID.

      If VPAID is allowed in the profile and a VPAID creative is served, ads at any bitrate can serve, regardless of any optional bitrate limits that are set in the profile.

    3. (Optional) Bitrate:

      Specify the minimum and/or maximum bitrate allowed to serve. You can use bitrate settings to ensure low quality bitrate creatives do not serve to inventory on large screens, or too high bitrate creatives do not serve to mobile placements where the users may have data restrictions.

      This is an optional video creative profile setting. Leave these fields blank to allow all bitrates.

      Select this option to allow third-party VAST redirects.
    4. (Optional) Resolution:

      Specify the minimum and/or maximum number of pixels allowed as the creative height and/or width.

      This is an optional video creative profile setting. Leave these fields blank to allow all resolutions.

  4. Click Save.

In order to serve to an ad tag with a video creative profile, the creative must have at least one of the allowed media files meeting the designated bitrate criteria.

For VAST redirects, media file types are checked when the tag is trafficked. If your profile is set to allow VAST redirects using a media file type that is unavailable at the time the ad is requested, an attempt is still made to serve the creative.

If the profile restricts certain media file types and the creative wrapper contains multiple types, the video creative is considered eligible to serve if any of the types are allowed.

Filter creatives with an existing profile

Once you've set up a profile, you need to include it in the ad tag to begin filtering creatives based on the profile configuration. To do this, simply add the pp parameter to the ad tag. For example, to add a profile named "Sample_creative_profile", add pp=Sample_creative_profile to the tag.

The name of the profile is case sensitive and should be URL encoded. For example, if the name of the profile is "Sample creative profile" (using spaces), the ad tag should include pp=Sample%20creative%20profile.

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