Google Ad Manager 360 billing setup

Configure invoices and other billing settings

Publishers can set up billing in Google Ad Manager 360 and enter into a paid contract to serve and pay for impressions, and gain direct access to Google support.

The billing cycle for new paid accounts begins the month you sign up.

Only users assigned as a "Legal manager" can sign up for a paid account. If this is not your user role, please contact your Ad Manager administrator. Learn more about user roles and permissions.

If you are currently in the process of negotiating or considering another paid contract with Google, please contact your Google sales representative prior to signing up for billing.

Set up your account

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Billing and then Invoices.
  3. Review the "Welcome" page and click Continue.
  4. On the "Complete order form" page, review the information, including the fee schedule and rate card.

  5. Click Accept and Continue to initiate Google account setup. 

You'll need to read through the entire order form to be able to accept and continue.

Complete your billing setup

Once you've completed this step, an email will be sent containing a PDF of your contract. Based on the billing setup configured for you by your Google sales representative, you may be asked to enter a payment method (for example, a credit card) to complete your billing setup.

Your payments profile

If the "Payments profile" section appears (directly under "Enter payment info"), this means your Ad Manager account is linked to a Google payments profile. You can use your Google payments profile to make and receive payments for any Google service, including Ad Manager.

  • Use the dropdown menu to change the Google payments profile associated with this Ad Manager account.
  • Any changes you make in the following steps will apply to all Google products that share the selected profile.

Steps to set up billing

Complete the following steps to finish setting up your billing for your Ad Manager account:

  1. Select your account type (Business or Individual).
  2. Enter the billing address and information for the primary contact (the "Legal manager" for the account).
  3. Select the method of payment and enter the appropriate information. Bank accounts may need to be verified.
  4. Select your preferred language of communication.
  5. Review the terms and conditions and click the checkbox when you're ready to accept them.
  6. Click Complete sign up.
  7. Click Done to complete your account setup.
    • If you already had a Google payments profile and you made updates to the settings on this page, your profile will also be updated.
    • If you didn't have a Google payments profile before completing these steps, a new profile will be created for you.

If your account has been configured to receive monthly invoices, you will not be asked to enter the payment method. Instead, the Billing tab will indicate a pending status until the billing setup is completed by Google. This usually takes 24-48 hours.

Review invoice and report

PDF invoices detail the impressions for which you are charged. You can compare your invoice to the impression data from a report, but there may be minor discrepancies due to, but not limited to, delayed impressions or invalid click and impression filtering.

Create reports for impression data

When you create a report, include the "Total Impressions" and "Unfilled Impressions" metrics.

The "Unfilled Impressions" data found in your report includes prefetch requests, for which you aren't billed, so the amount billed in your invoice may be lower.

See invoice totals in reports

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Reporting and then Reports.
  3. Click New report.
  4. Create the report:
    1. Select the “Historical” report type.
    2. Select an entire month for the date range.
    3. Include the Month and year dimension.
    4. Include the Invoiced impressions and Invoiced unfilled Impressions metrics.
  5. Click Run.

(Only available in Ad Manager 360) Use the Creative billing type dimension with the Invoiced impressions metric to see a detailed view of the impressions included on your invoice. 

How impressions are billed

Billing never includes impressions detected and filtered as invalid traffic regardless of inventory type.

Mobile app and video inventory

Ad Manager bills only filled impressions recorded as rendered according to video first-frame and mobile app one-pixel methodologies. VAST errors and unfilled impressions for mobile app and video inventory aren't billed.

All other inventory

When using Google Publisher Tag, Ad Manager bills both filled and unfilled impressions, including instances that utilize third party ad serving. When using Ad Exchange tags, which can only be used to serve Ad Exchange impressions, Ad Manager does not bill for unfilled or filled impressions.

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