Deactivate or archive an Ad Manager ad unit

Stop line item delivery to an ad unit by marking the ad unit as Archived or Inactive. This also removes the ad unit from the targeting picker for future line items.

This setting affects ad serving
When you deactivate or archive an ad unit, line items specifically targeted to the ad unit stop delivering to the ad unit. Line items targeted to a deactivated or archived ad unit's child ad units continue to deliver, though the child ad units are not available in targeting menus. If the ad unit is still included in your Google Publisher Tags, run-of-network and house line items still deliver, even if the deactivated ad unit was a special ad unit.

Deactivate or archive an ad unit

Don't see the Inactive and Archived settings?
The "Edit ad units, placements, and key-values" user role permission is required to use these settings. Plese contact your Ad Manager administrator if you don't see them.
  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Ad units.
  3. Use the filter to find and select the ad unit you want to deactivate.
  4. Under the ad unit name, click Edit Edit next to Status and choose one of the options below: 
    • Active: Allows line item delivery to the ad unit and displays it in targeting menus.
    • Inactive: Stops line item delivery to the ad unit and remove it from targeting menus.
    • Archived: Deactivates ad unit and remove it from the list of ad units. 

Your changes are saved and applied immediately, though it can take up to 180 minutes before the change affects ad serving. Learn more about update periods

Can I delete an ad unit?

No. To prevent reporting information from being discarded, ad units can't be permanently deleted.

Can I move an ad unit?

No, but you can deactivate or archive the existing ad unit and create a new ad unit with the same code name in the new location. Code names only need to be unique at the same level of hierarchy. 

Activate an ad unit

  1. Navigate to Inventory and then Ad units.
  2. Click Filters and select Status and then is any of and then Archived.
  3. Click Apply filters.
  4. Select the archived ad unit you want to activate.
  5. Click Activate.

The ad unit (or ad units) you selected and activated are immediately available for use.

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