Conceptos básicos sobre los informes de Ad Manager

Report table structures

Choose how to view your Ad Manager report's data

When you run a report in Google Ad Manager, you can choose how to display the data and store your favorite view in report preferences.

Choose a report table structure

Select one of the report table structures below from above the Dimensions selector when you create a query.


This spreadsheet view displays selected report dimensions in its own column, with separate rows for each combination. Use this view for optimal report performance.

Column sorting is only available with this view, and when all results fit on a single page. Click Sort  next to the column title to sort results.


This pivot table view displays selected report dimensions within a single column with data aggregated for each dimension value in a hierarchical tree format. For example, each ad unit name might have countries listed below, and then devices below countries.

Exported reports always use the flat table structure, even if you chose to display your data in the "Hierarchical" structure within Ad Manager.

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