Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Ad Exchange Data Transfer guide for sellers

Ad Exchange Data Transfer can't be activated in new accounts.

Data Transfer provides event-level reports about a customer's Ad Exchange transactions. Information in the Data Transfer reports precede invalid activity filtering.

Google Cloud Storage

Data Transfer reports are delivered daily, in Pacific time, using Google Cloud Storage. You don’t need to sign up for a Google Cloud Storage account. You only need to choose one or more Ad Exchange users who will access reports.
Users can download reports in an authenticated browser session at or with one of the tools listed below:

Learn more information about Google Cloud Storage authentication.

Don't use Google Storage Manager for Ad Exchange Data Transfer reports, as it only displays buckets owned by you.


Users with access to Google Cloud Storage receive a notification email each time a new Data Transfer file is delivered. These emails provide the following information:

  • Names of delivered report files
  • Google Cloud Storage Bucket that contains the files
  • Links to sign in and download reports in a browser

Understand Data Transfer reports

All data transfer reports are provided as CSV files. There are two types of Data Transfer reports:

  • Impressions and clicks
    Information about impressions that emanated from your property, and whether a click was registered. This report is provided as multiple hourly files.
  • Ad slot attributes
    Information about custom ad slot attributes. Property-wide settings are provided for inheritable attributes and per ad-slot additional settings (which can be merged, if need be, to get the effective attributes list for a certain adslot). This report is provided as a single daily file.

Each row in a Data Transfer report file represents a single Ad Exchange transaction. Expand the sections below to learn more about the data.

Fields marked as optional may not always be present and will appear in the report as empty/blank fields. Boolean values appear as true or false. Integer/float values appear in decimal representation.
Impressions and clicks
TOEw6QAElpQK2l8H8LRh9g,2016-05-17 05:08:57,false,Some Buyer Network,,,,false,true,true,,docvertical::258,Sports,4,123456789, 0.00140351999645645,0.649999,false,false,1,0,0,Some DSP,Some Advertiser
Field Description Type Required
query_id Unique ad request identifier. string Yes
datetime Date and time ad request was received (in Pacific time). string Yes
is_anonymous DEPRECATED
The concept of an anonymous impression no longer exists in Ad Manager.
boolean No
buyer Winning buyer’s name. For Video pods, this is list of winner buyers separated by "+". string No
DEPRECATED_sitename Use the referer_url field. string No
anonymous_id DEPRECATED. string No
referer_url The url for this ad request. string No
allow_data_collection_for_interest_targeting Whether data collection for interest targeting was allowed for this impression. boolean No
allow_user_list_targeting Whether user list targeting was allowed for this impression. boolean No
allow_user_interest_targeting Whether user interest targeting was allowed for this impression. boolean No
matched_geo_list List of geo information using ISO 3166-1/ISO 3166-2 codes, separated by "+" . string No
matched_verticals_list Publisher verticals  represented as docvertical::xxx separated by "+" (xxx are numeric codes). string No
channels Tracking channel names separated by "+". string No
ad_type Must be interpreted as a bitmap.
ad_type & 0x1 = impression included a text ad.

ad_type & 0x2 = impression included an static or dynamic image ad.

ad_type & 0x4 = impression included an ad of other type.
int32 No
client_ip DEPRECATED
IP address(es) from which this ad request was received. The full octet is set to 0 to protect customer privacy.
string No
adslot_code Ad Exchange tag ID. string No
seller_impression_revenue_usd Publisher revenue for the impression in USD. double No
seller_reserve_price_usd Applied CPM reserve price in USD. double No
was_userlist_targeted Whether this impression was user list targeted. boolean No
was_match_on_keyword Whether there was a keyword match for this impression. boolean No
num_clicks Whether a click was recorded. Represented as a boolean and is either 0 or 1. int32 Yes
transaction_type Transaction type (0 = Open Auction, 1 = Preferred Deal, 2 = Private Auction, 3 = Programmatic Guaranteed, 4 = First Look). int32 No
deal_ids Deal IDs of winning impressions, separated by "+". string No
buyer_network_names Network names of DSPs, separated by "+". string No
advertiser Advertiser names that won the impression, separated by "+". string No
Ad slot attributes

Field Description Type Required
property_code Ad Exchange property code. string Yes
adslot_code Ad Exchange tag ID.

If value is site_wide, an Ad Exchange account or property-level setting was used.
string Yes

Numeric vendor types separated by a “+”. This field doesn't apply to deals with block overrides.

For more information, refer to the real-time bidding protocol.

string No
allowed_video_formats Video file formats separated by a “+”. For more information, refer to the real-time bidding protocol. string No
blocked_urls Blocked URLs separated by '+'. string No

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