Ad formats and sizes for mobile app

This article provides a brief overview of the available inventory formats and options for Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app. Most creative options that are available in Google Ad Manager web are also supported in Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app.

Inventory formats

Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app supports the following formats of creatives:

  • Display creatives using HTML and the MRAID definitions
    Creatives can use HTML, CSS and Javascript for basic display. IAB’s MRAID is an industry standard API for rich media ads running in mobile apps and can be used for more advanced interactions.
    • Banners: Normally displayed in the content stream or as adhesive units.
    • Interstitials: Typically used when there are natural breaks in user’s interaction with your mobile app. Learn more.
  • Native ads: Match both the form and function of the user experience in which they’re placed. Learn more.
    • Content ads: provide a generic combination of text and images.
    • App install ads: promote and drive mobile app installs
In terms of impression counting, publishers have a choice between Google Ad Manager’s default impression counting and manually counting impressions (direct campaigns only). By default, Google Ad Manager counts the impression when:
  • Banner ads: the creative is sent to the app.
  • Interstitial ads: the creative is displayed to the user.
  • Native ads: the creative is displayed to the user.

Creative sizes

Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app supports a variety of sizes in creatives including:

  • Banners with IAB standard mobile sizes
  • Full-screen banners and interstitials
  • Smart Banners for screen fragmentation
  • Studio and expandable creatives
  • Custom sizes

Smart Banners allow Google Ad Manager to choose the best sized ad according to the size and orientation of the mobile app. Learn more.

Please refer to the Android and iOS GMA SDK documentation for more information on standard banner and interstitial sizes as well as Smart Banners.


Creative types

Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app supports the following different creative types, which can be selected when you traffic a creative:

  • Image banners (e.g., 320x50)
  • Image animation creatives (e.g., expandable banners)
  • Video interstitials
  • Campaign Manager tags
  • Native ads
  • Custom creative templates
  • SDK Mediation (for third-party ad serving)

Learn more about creative types for Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app.

Creative destinations

There are multiple click-through destination options available for mobile app ads served through Google Ad Manager:

  • Click-through URL
  • Click-to-call (phone number)
  • Click-to app (open deep link in an app)

Learn more about creative destinations for Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app.

Creative templates

In addition to Google Ad Manager web creative templates, there are some mobile app-specific templates:

  • Mobile Interstitial with auto-close
  • Mobile image with Google +1
  • Mobile image carousel
  • Mobile application download

Learn more about creative templates for Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app.

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