Ad formats and sizes for mobile app

Most creative options that are available in Google Ad Manager web are also supported for mobile apps.

Inventory formats

The following inventory formats are supported: banner, native, interstitial, rewarded, and app open.

See examples of these formats


Example of a banner ad


Example of a native ad


Example of an interstitial ad


Example of a Rewarded format

App Open

Example of an App Open ad

Creative formats

  • Display creatives using HTML and the MRAID definitions
    Creatives can use HTML, CSS and Javascript for basic display. IAB’s MRAID is an industry standard API for rich media ads running in mobile apps and can be used for more advanced interactions.
    • Banners: Normally displayed in the content stream or as adhesive units.
    • Interstitials: Typically used when there are natural breaks in user’s interaction with your mobile app.
  • Native ads
    Native ads match both the form and function of the user experience in which they’re placed.
    • Content ads: provide a generic combination of text and images.
    • App install ads: promote and drive mobile app installs
In terms of impression counting, publishers have a choice between Google Ad Manager’s default impression counting and manually counting impressions (direct campaigns only). By default, Google Ad Manager counts the impression when:
  • Banner ads: the creative is displayed to the user.
  • Interstitial ads: the creative is displayed to the user.
  • Native ads: the creative is displayed to the user.

Creative sizes

We support a variety of sizes in creatives including:

  • Adaptive banners: Automatically picks the best ad slot size (the space reserved for the creatives) for the device in use.
  • Smart banners: Fills screen width on any device using a fixed height. Because smart banners only fill screen width, they aren't as flexible as adaptive banners and may not perform as well.   
  • Standard banners: Fits only the specified banner size. Only ads that fit the specified size can be served.
  • Interstitials: Full-page ads served between screens during mobile app navigation.
  • Studio creatives: Created in Studio and automatically added to advertisers in your network.
  • Custom creatives: Custom ad serving solutions that creative templates or other display creative types don't provide.

Creative types

We support the following creative types, which can be selected when you traffic a creative:

  • Image banners (for example, 320x50)
  • Image animation creatives (for example, expandable banners)
  • Video interstitials
  • Campaign Manager 360 tags
  • Native ads
  • Custom creative templates
  • SDK Mediation (for third-party ad serving)

Creative destinations

Not all creative types support all destination URL types.

There are multiple click-through destination options available for mobile app ads:

  • Click-through URL
  • Click-to-call (phone number)
  • Click-to-app (open deep link in an app)
  • Self universal link (an iOS universal link used in an iOS app for in-app navigation)
    When using a self universal link on a native creative, please ensure the native format has the %%ONE_CLICK_HANDLER_TARGET%% macro in its HTML as in this example:
    Example of self-universal link code in Ad Manager

Creative templates

In addition to Google Ad Manager web creative templates, there are some mobile app-specific templates:

  • Mobile Interstitial with auto-close
  • Mobile image carousel
  • Mobile application download

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