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Ad strategy for Ad Manager mobile apps

Mobile app ads have different capabilities than web ads. Therefore, it’s important to have a different mobile app strategy for ads, specifically around which ad sizes, formats, and placements would work for your app.

Of the various creative sizes and formats, certain formats for banners and interstitials have better performance than others. Among the standard IAB sizes, 300x250 size works best, bringing higher eCPMs. For more details, please refer to IAB’s Mobile Guidelines and best practices here.

In terms of ad placement, various mobile app categories perform better with different ad placement strategies. Some categories and successful placements observed include:

Category Placements
Content consumption app (for example, news, feed)
  • Native content ads or app install ads in the stream
  • Combination of 300x250 and 320x50 ads for article pages
  • Interstitial in-between articles
Retail app 300x250 and 320x50 banners
Gaming app
  • Native app-install ads or interstitials placed at various game levels that are natural breaks for the user
  • 320x50 non-intrusive adhesive banners
Social app Native ads in the stream
Travel app Native ads in the stream

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