Ad Manager billing setup

Configure your payment settings
If you're setting up a Google Ad Manager 360 account, see billing setup.

Ad Manager requires publishers who exceed the display, video, or mobile app impression thresholds to enter into a paid contract in order to pay for the additional impressions. The impression thresholds are defined in the terms and conditions.

If you're an admin user, an alert appears in Ad Manager if you've exceeded the impression threshold for your network. Resolve this issue by clicking the Sign up link to add a payment method and sign up for billing.

Once you sign up for billing, you will be charged for the additional impressions when you exceed an impression threshold. The billing cycle will be from the month you sign up. You will not be charged for previous months.

If you're not an admin user, you may see an alert in Ad Manager that indicates there are problems with your account. If this is the case, please contact your admin.

Consequences of not adding a payment method

If you haven't added a valid payment method, you'll receive a warning when you've exceeded the threshold for free impressions. If you continue to exceed the free impression thresholds without adding a payment method, your account will be converted to read-only mode, and may ultimately be suspended - at which point your ad serving may cease. You can restore access by signing up with a valid payment method or contacting Google support.

If your account is converted to read-only mode or disabled, Google is not responsible for any impact to existing ad serving campaigns.

If you are currently in the process of negotiating or considering another paid contract with Google, please contact your Google sales representative prior to signing up for billing. In some cases, Google sales may work with you to configure an order form with specific features or rates. If this is the case, it will be reflected in the order form that you see in the signup flow.

Add a payment method for the first time

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Billing and then Sign up. You can view rate cards applicable to your region and enter a payment method so that we can charge you if you exceed your free impression threshold. You'll also have direct access to Google Support.
  3. Read the "Welcome" page and click Continue.
  4. Select the region where your billing address is located and your currency from the drop-downs, then click Continue.*
  5. Review your fee schedule and rate card, and click Accept and Continue when ready.
  6. Enter your Google payments profile information. You can use your payments profile to make and receive payments for any Google service, including Ad Manager.
    • You can change the Google payments profile associated with this Ad Manager account using the dropdown.
    • Any changes you make in the following steps will apply to all Google products that share the selected profile.
  7. Click Done. You've now successfully completed the billing setup process.
    • If you already had a Google payments profile and you made updates to the settings on this page, your profile will be updated accordingly.
    • If you didn't have a Google payments profile before completing these steps, a new profile is created.

If your account has been configured to receive monthly invoices, you will not be asked to enter a payment method, and instead, the Billing page will indicate a pending screen until the billing setup is completed by Google. This usually takes 24-48 hours.

* Some currencies may not be supported in certain geographic regions, and will be gradually rolled out.

Review your invoice and Query Tool report

Your PDF invoice details the impressions for which you have been charged -- the impressions you've served above the threshold. While you can compare your invoice to the impression data from a Query Tool report, there may be minor discrepancies due to, but not limited to, delayed impressions or spam filtering.

Create a Query Tool report for impression data

To create a Query Tool report, include the "Total Impressions" and "Unfilled Impressions" metrics. Learn more

The "Unfilled Impressions" data found in your Query Tool report includes prefetch requests, for which you are not billed, so the amount billed in your invoice may be lower.

Best practices to avoid exceeding the impression thresholds

  • Reduce your number of unfilled impressions.
  • Determine whether the unfilled impressions are actually being rendered on the page. Check your site for implementation errors (for example, calling multiple ad units in a page header, rather than in the body). Misplaced Google Publisher Tags result in ad calls but no ads being delivered, so fix or remove broken GPT (Google Publisher Tags) from sites.
  • Remove ad units that are used purely for tracking purposes, such as 1x1 pixels, to reduce billable volume. Contact your account manager about using Audience Solutions or Google Analytics to achieve similar functionality.
  • Increase the volume of inventory for which Ad Exchange, AdSense, or AdMob can compete. This can maximize your yield, and ensure that impressions monetized by Ad Exchange or AdSense are not billed.
  • Trafficking Ad Exchange/AdSense/AdMob line items using dynamic allocation rather than as Network/Price Priority/House ensures that these do not count toward paid impressions.
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