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Find mobile app names and IDs for targeting

When you click the Apps option to add targeting to a rule, you see a list of iOS app IDs and Android app names. If your app spans both Android and iOS platforms, you need to include both the iOS app ID and Android app name to fully target it.

Here are some tips to help find your IDs and names.

Find an Android app name

  1. Go to the Google Play Store for Apps.
  2. Search by app name.
  3. Click the result for your app.
  4. Inspect the URL and copy the Android app name. The name appears after id= and before &hl.
    For example:

Find an iOS app ID

  1. Go to and search for the name of your app, followed by "Apple App Store."
    For example: "My Mobile App Name Apple App Store"
  2. In the search results, open the page for your app.
  3. Inspect the URL and copy the iOS app ID. The ID appears after id and before ?mt.
    For example:
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