Customize view of proposal line item table

Learn how to reorder proposal line items, view them in full screen, and customize columns

You can manage various aspects of the proposal line item table. We'll cover the following:

Reorder proposal line items

The default order of proposal line items is based on their proposal line item IDs. However, you can change the sequence of how proposal line items are listed on the table in a proposal.

To change the sequence of proposal line items:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Sales and then Proposals and then All proposals or My proposals.
  3. Click a proposal name to see its proposal line items.
    On the left are sequence IDs next to each proposal line item. This represents their numeric sequence on the table.
  4. Hover over and then click one of the sequence IDs to edit the value. Enter the a number that represents where you want the proposal line item to appear on the table.
  5. Click Save to update the sequence of proposal line items.

You can edit more than one sequence ID to change the order of multiple proposal line items at one time. Proposal line items will not reflect the desired sequence until you click Save. You might encounter a conflict if you inadvertently specify the same sequence ID for two or more proposal line items. Ad Manager alerts you about this conflict and highlight the proposal line items so that you can correct the issue.

Entering a sequence ID for a proposal line item that is greater than any other sequence ID ensures that the proposal line item is placed at the end.

The sequence in which you place proposal line items is also reflected when the proposal is exported.

View proposal line item table in full screen

You can expand the table of proposal line items within a proposal to full screen and exit full screen. This view makes managing proposal line items easier when there are many in a proposal.

Above the table of proposal line items, click Full screen to view full screen. Once in full screen, you can exit by clicking Exit full screen in this same location.

All proposal line item actions and filtering are available in full screen. While in full screen, you won't be able to access proposal settings until you exit full screen. The full screen view persists throughout your browser session. This means that if you navigate away and the return (without closing the browser tab you're in), the table of proposal line items is still in full screen. However, if you close your browser tab and navigate back to the proposal, the table returns to the default view (not in full screen).

Customize columns on proposal line item table

Like on many other tables in Ad Manager, you can decide which columns appear on the proposal line item table and in which order they appear. Learn more.

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