About campaigns and ads

Once you've set up your inventory, you can start selling it by creating an order, an agreement between you and an advertiser that includes an invoice number (optional), start and end dates, and contact information.

The first step of trafficking is to enter the information about your advertisers into Ad Manager. In Ad Manager, advertisers and agencies are companies that you add in the Admin section. For each of these advertisers, you will create at least one order. Think of each order as a unique folder for an advertiser and a campaign. Within each one of these folders, you’ll put all of the information about the ads you are running from that advertiser.

Each order includes one or more line items. A line item specifies the advertiser's commitment to purchase a specific number of impressions (cost per thousand impressions, or CPM), clicks (cost per click, or CPC), or time (cost per day, or CPD) on certain dates at a certain price. Each line item also includes where an advertiser's ads will appear and, optionally, when (during the week) and to whom an ad will get displayed.

In turn, each line item contains one or more creatives, which contain the actual ad content that is delivered to your users. A creative can consist of media files such as images, or it can consist of code that calls media files that are stored on a third-party server. Ad Manager can serve a wide variety of creative types, including rich media, video, and mobile creatives.

Campaign example

DFP order and line items

The order in the example above includes two line items. Each line item includes targeted inventory (ad units), targeting criteria, price, and delivery dates.

Imagine that you maintain a website, a mobile site, and apps for Android and iOS. Suppose a bank wants to advertise on your website in order to promote a new savings account offer as well as home loans. An order with this advertiser might include two line items:

  • Line item 1 (Savings Account Campaign):
    • 750,000 impressions
    • from January 15 to March 15
    • at a price of $5 per 1000 impressions (CPM)
    • that targets all users
    • across all of your content
  • Line item 2 (Home Loan Campaign):
    • unlimited impressions
    • from January 1 to March 31
    • at an agreed upon price of $125,000 total for 60 days (CPD)
    • that targets users between the ages of 30 and 50 who live in the United States
    • On the mobile apps only

With an order signed and the line items created, the last step is to add creatives to the line items. The creatives can be added directly to the line items as you create them, or you can upload them to your Ad Manager network and save them for later use. To be delivered, a line item needs at least one creative.

For example, in the scenario above, in which a bank wants to purchase your inventory for their savings account and home loan advertising campaigns, you add 728x90, 160x600, and 300x250 savings account creatives to your Ad Manager network and add them to line item 1, since the line item is targeting multiple placements that contain ad units of these sizes.

Start trafficking your ads

  1. Add a company profile

  2. Create an order

  3. Create a line item

  4. Add creatives to line items

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