Troubleshoot Scaled Partner Management

Issue Solution
You declare child publisher domains and unknown domains appear.

The domains (which are URLs requesting ads from Ad Exchange) may be experiencing rejected ad requests, or they could be cached domains based on how users reached your site.

A child publisher is approved, and the domain/app has been classified, but ads are serving as blank.

The domain/app may have been blocked. Please contact your Account Manager to verify that the domain/app can serve Ad Exchange ads.

You can’t add an app and an error appears indicating that the app cannot be found.

Make sure your app is listed in the app store. We are only accepting apps listed in the official Apple app store and Google Play Store.

Child publisher is disapproved.

Child publishers are typically disapproved for non-compliant behavior, such as spam or inappropriate content. We suggest following up with your child publisher for details and then, if needed, reach out to your Account Manager.

A site stops serving ads.

This could be a signal that the child publisher has been disapproved or the domain/app has been blocked. Check on the “Scaled partner management” page to see if they have been disapproved. Also, if you didn’t receive an email notification, check with your Account Manager as to whether the domain/app has been blocked.

Impressions are unfilled because of unclassified URLs.

In reporting, review the Inventory Ownership report regularly. Also, in the Domains and Apps tabs, check the Unclassified tab frequently.

You can't add an IDN domain

If you're trying to represent an Internationalized Domain Name containing special characters, you need to use the punycode representation instead of the IDN format.

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