Overview of VMAP for video ad insertion

The IAB defines VMAP (Video Multiple Ad Playlist) as the standard for multi-ad playlists that video content owners can use to describe the structure for ad inventory insertion when they don’t control the player or distribution of their content.

The IMA SDK handles VMAP requests coming from Ad Manager or third-party ad servers. Using VMAP means rules and ad pods no longer depend on custom XML calls, which are not always supported across players and partners. VMAP responds with VAST 3 ad calls, including granular error codes

Learn more on the IAB website.

VMAP simplifies the following:

  • If you're an Ad Manager publisher that has first right for a video program’s ad inventory, VMAP allows you to control this inventory more easily across multiple partner sites.
  • If you're an Ad Manager publisher using ad rules to structure your video ad inventory and ad breaks during long-form video content, including the number and placement of ad breaks, VMAP allows you to seamlessly communicate with other partners via a standard for ad break structures.
  • If you're a distributor, IMA SDK support means you can accept VMAP responses from third-party content partners.

Enable VMAP for your network

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Video and then Video settings.
  3. Select VMAP 1 as the "VMAP version".
  4. Click Save.
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