Track conversions and user activity

Use cost per action (CPA) line items

Conversion tracking is a paid feature that might not be available in your network.

Cost per action (CPA) is a pricing model for line items that is based on actions, also known as conversions. When you set up a CPA line item, you associate activities with the line item.

Conversion counting with CPA line items

To attribute a conversion to a CPA line item, Ad Manager follows the usual attribution process, checking whether a click or an impression falls within the appropriate lookback window. However, when an activity is associated with one or more CPA line items, Ad Manager changes the conversion attribution process to give preference to those line items. The attribution hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Click on an associated CPA line item
  2. Impression of an associated CPA line item
  3. Click-through conversion
  4. View-through conversion

In other words, Ad Manager looks first for a CPA-associated click or impression, then a click-through conversion, then a view-through conversion. If there is more than one eligible CPA-associated click or impression, Ad Manager gives preference to the most recent click. If There are only CPA-associated impressions, Ad Manager gives preference to the most recent impression. Among CPA clicks and impressions, relative price is not a factor in conversion attribution.

Set up a CPA line item

To set up a line item:

  1. Follow the steps for creating a line item. Choose an advertiser that uses conversion tracking and has activities.
  2. In the Settings, set the Rate to CPA.
  3. In the Activities text box, choose an activity.

  4. Enter a Click-through CPA, which is the cost per action associated with a user click.
  5. (Optional) Click Enter view-through CPA to add a cost per action associated with a user impression. If you don't add a view-through CPA, view-through conversions can still be counted when users view this line item, then complete an action; however, no additional cost will be added to the line item when that happens.
    Conversion limits are no longer supported. To end delivery, pause or archive the line item.
  6. (Optional) Repeat steps 3 through 5 to add more activities to the line item.
  7. Save the line item.

Line item types not supported by CPA pricing

Only goal-based and percentage-based delivery priority options are supported by the CPA pricing model. This means the following line items types are not supported by CPA:

  • Price priority
  • Dynamic allocation line items
    • Ad Exchange
    • AdSense
    • AdMob
  • House

Report on a CPA line item

You must use the Query Tool to report on CPA revenue. Under Conversions, select the CPA revenue metric. You can use this metric with activities or with line items to see how much revenue they generated.

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