Segments from data management platforms

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360

Audience Solutions is a Google Ad Manager 360 feature which might not be enabled for your network.

Audience Solutions is an open platform that provides server-side integration between a number of third-party data management platforms (DMPs) and Ad Manager. If you're working with a third-party DMP, that DMP can create first-party segments for you and have them uploaded into Ad Manager.

Once you've worked with the third-party to push the provided segments into Ad Manager, the segments will be available for targeting, forecasting and reporting, just like any other first-party segment. These DMP segments also behave and are billed in the same way as any other first-party segment.

Enable first-party segments from a DMP

To get first-party segments from your DMP pushed into Audience Solutions, contact your Ad Manager account manager. Once you've signed an agreement to use this feature and have been granted approval, you'll need to give the DMP provider your Audience Solutions link ID. The DMP then processes and pushes the segments into Ad Manager so you can target and report on them. To find your Audience Solutions link ID in Ad Manager, click Admin and then Global settings and then Network settings. Note that your audience link ID is not the same as your network code.

Updates to DMP-provided segments

Since these segments are controlled by the DMP, you'll need to work with them to make any additions to the segments. Once the DMP updates the segments, the updates will be pushed into Ad Manager dynamically for you and the changes will be reflected immediately in Ad Manager targeting. Note: DMP can't remove users from segments before their natural expiration date.

Distinguish DMP-provided segments from other first-party segments

The same value in the data provider column is given to first-party segments from both Ad Manager and third-party DMPs. To distinguish between segments provided by a DMP or one that you've created by clicking Create new segment, update the segment name for DMP segments to indicate the data source.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does it take for the DMP segments to show up in Ad Manager once they're pushed?
A: As soon as the DMP pushes the segments to Ad Manager, they should show up in your inventory and under the line item targeting widget.

Q: After the DMP pushes segments to Ad Manager, how long until I can target the segments?
A: You can target the segments within 48 hours.

Q: When should I contact support about my DMP segments?
A: If you're not seeing segments push from the DMP to Ad Manager after 72 hours, please contact your DMP representative to confirm the push time, and contact your Google Support team with this information. 


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