Roadblock creatives

Set up roadblocks

Any line item with creatives can be made a roadblock line item with the Display creatives setting. If the order in which creatives appear is not important, follow the steps below; otherwise define a master/companion creative set.

  1. Navigate to the "Adjust delivery" section in the Settings tab of a new or existing line item.
  2. For the Display creatives setting, choose As many as possible or All.
  3. Click Save.

Roadblock creative display settings


All delivers the line item only when there is available space to display all of the line item's creatives together on the page.

Guaranteed roadblocks need to be enabled for each network by an administrator:

  • In Ad Manager, click Admin and then Global settings and then Features.
  • Click the toggle to enable or disable Guaranteed roadblocks (GPT SRA only).

As many as possible

As many as possible delivers as many of the line item's creatives together as possible, but makes no guarantee that more than one creative will be served to a page. For example, if a page has only one ad slot, the result could be a single creative from the line item being displayed by itself.

Ad Exchange line items do not compete against line items with "As many as possible" delivery.

Tagging considerations

While any Google Publisher Tag mode and tag type is compatible with roadblock line items, below are some tips to ensure your tags are set up for optimal roadblock performance.

  • Understand sequential ad request processing
    The ad server always processes ad requests from a webpage or mobile app sequentially, in the order in which the requests are received. Even with single request architecture (SRA), the sequence for ad request processing is defined by the order of the googletag.defineSlot() functions in your tagging code.

    One of the roadblock creatives must fill the first ad slot that matches the line item targeting. If a previously-defined ad slot matches the line item targeting, but another higher-priority line item serves, the entire roadblock will not be delivered.

  • Asynchronous and synchronous rendering options do not affect roadblock delivery
    While these rendering styles can affect how creatives are displayed, they do not affect which line items are selected by the ad server.
  • Single request architecture is required for guaranteed roadblocks
    SRA informs the ad server of all ad slots at the initial request, so Ad Manager can ensure that an entire roadblock is returned if you selected the "All" option for the "Display creatives" line item setting. If SRA is not implemented in your tags, line items with this setting are treated as if they were set to deliver "As many as possible" and are not guaranteed.
  • Multiple ad slots of the same size require their own creative
    Each creative in a line item can only serve once on a page, so a separate creative needs to be uploaded in Ad Manager for each roadblock ad slot. For example, if you have two 300x250 ad slots on your page, you need to upload two 300x250 creatives because a single 300x250 creative cannot serve to both ad slots.
  • Companions earn priority over other line items
    Once a roadblock line item delivers to an ad slot, the remaining roadblock creatives are given priority over other line items, even those with a higher priority value than the roadblock line item, for all subsequent matching ad slots on the page.

Impression counting for roadblocks

For these roadblock line items, you need to book impressions for each creative in the line item separately as an impression will be counted each time a creative serves to a page's ad slot.


If your line item has three creatives but does not use a master/companion creative set and you want to serve the line item 1,000 times, enter 3,000 impressions as the line item quantity because Ad Manager counts three impressions each time the roadblock delivers.

If the line item in this example uses a master/companion creative set, enter a line item quantity of 1,000 impressions because the master creative impression is only counted as a single impression toward the impression goal. For roadblocks with the "As many as possible" setting, the number of impressions can vary each time the line item delivers, depending on the number of creatives that serve together.

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