Segment inventory by channel

Segmenting traffic is the process of setting up your ad units and custom channels so that you can explicitly see your different traffic sources. To help you understand your traffic via segmentation, we’ve set out the steps you'll need to take. Whether you're new to the Ad Exchange world, or you're a long time publisher, these insights are highly beneficial. To get started, you'll need to have access to an analytics tool (like Google Analytics), as well as a broad understanding of what channels can do for you in your Ad Exchange account. Setting up granular traffic segmentation will allow you, at any given time, to see what your traffic sources are and how they are performing in respect to one another. There are two major benefits to having this additional data for your Ad Exchange account:

  • Better understanding of your traffic sources and users
    • You'll be able to see and understand which traffic sources are driving the best ad performance for your site.
    • Using this data, you can determine how users are reaching your site, and whether you can optimize your traffic sources.
  • Prevention against invalid activity
    • Proactively monitor how your traffic sources are performing so that you can make educated decisions and stop working with sources that appear to be sending bad traffic.
    • Identify anomalies in the data to understand how different sources are performing, and what actions you should take to ensure that you're staying compliant with the Ad Exchange program policies.

We recommend a two-step approach. You'll need to use an analytics tool, custom channels, and URL channels. It’s important to perform both steps to make sure that you have the complete picture of your traffic sources and site performance.

Learn how to use channels to review a portion of your traffic.
Learn what to look for, and what actions to take.

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