Review an ad in the detail view

You can click any ad in the Ad review center to open a "detail view" of that ad. In the detail view you can view a full-size preview of the ad and check information such as the ad’s size, type, destination URL, Google Ads account, and so on.

What you can do in the detail view

You can take the following actions in an ad's detail view:

Ad detail view

Block an ad

To block an ad you don’t like in the detail view, click Block ad . There, you can also access additional actions:

  • To block and report the ad for violating one or more Google Ads policies, click More and then Block and report ad.
  • To find similar ads, click More and then Find similar ads by and then select an option.
  • To copy the ad's URL, click More and then Copy URL to share ad.

Show or hide ad info

  • To show or hide ad details such as metadata, metrics, advertiser info, and ad categories, in the top-right corner, clickClose.
    Click Info to show the details again.
  • To expand or collapse ad details, next to "Ad info," click Expand ad info or Collapse ad info
  • To view ad details for the next or previous ad, at the bottom, click Next or Back
  • To close the detail view, in the top-left corner, click Close.

View metadata

Click Metadata to review information like ad type, ad size, file size, destination URL, and so on. 

  • To block an advertiser's URL, under "Destination URL," hover over the visible URL and click Block .
    Tip: To view the advertiser URLs you’ve blocked, visit Block URLs in Protections

You can also find additional metadata sections that you can expand to learn more about the ad:

  • Metrics: Performance-related information such as impressions.
    • Impressions shows you the number of impressions per day an ad has had over the past 30 days. You can use the chart to see if an ad has served recently, or if an ad has stopped serving altogether. Note that an ad that hasn't served recently could still show again (unless it's been blocked), but it's less likely the longer the ad doesn't show.
    • Clickthrough rate (CTR) is the percentage of impressions that led to a click. This chart helps give you insight into an ad’s performance, but may not be the final figure reflected in your reporting.
  • Advertiser: Information about the Google Ads account that owns the ad.
    To block all ads from the Google Ads account, click Block account. All ads from the Google Ads account will now always be blocked. This applies to all targeting types.
    Note that blocking ads from a Google Ads account may have a negative impact on your revenue.
  • Video: Video-related information such as duration, framerate, bits per second, and so on.
    This section only appears for video ads.
  • Audio: Audio-related information such as codec, sample, bitrate, and so on.
    This section only appears for audio ads.
  • Categories: Information about the ad categories the ad belongs to. Learn more about blocking general ad categories in Ad Manager.
File sizes are classified into the following, based on their size:
  • Extra large: >2.5 MB
  • Large: 700 KB–2.5 MB
  • Medium: 75 KB–700 KB
  • Small: <75 KB

View related ads

Click Related ads to review similar ads that you may want to block. A selection of related ads is shown by default, but you can click View all to view all related ads.


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