Add child publishers

Follow these steps to add child publishers for Scaled Partner Management (SPM).

Multiple Customer Management (MCM) will replace Scaled Partner Management over the coming months. 

Invite child publishers to SPM

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Scaled partner management.
  3. Click Add child publisher.
  4. The following information is required:

    1. Company name: The actual name for the child publisher (name must be unique per channel partner).
      We strongly recommend using the child publisher company name rather than the domain/app. Also, if you receive an error that the name is already in use, there may be a deleted child publisher with the same name. Try again, using a different name.

    2. Email: The email address of the child publisher where the invitation will be sent (email must be unique per channel partner).
      The invite can be sent to any email address, but the child publisher must sign in to a Google Account to access the registration form. If you receive an error that the email is already in use, the invitation may have been deleted. Try again, using a different email.

  5. Click Submit. The invitation is emailed to the address you submitted and can be re-sent if needed.

Once an invitation is pending, the child publisher registers with Ad Manager

The child publisher applicant fills out the registration form and clicks Submit my registration. They are required to submit the following information:

  • Contact name: Name of the person who will serve as the child publisher’s contact.
  • Address: Used to validate this child publisher within Ad Manager to make sure Google ads can run on this account.
  • Phone number for the contact person.
  • Website URL: The child publisher's primary website.
  • Domains: Declare any domains (comma-separated) that are associated with this child publisher.
    Note that you may not be able to register some domains. At least one domain or app (in the "Apps" field) must be included. If approved, these domains/apps will automatically be associated with the child publisher and classified as "Represented."
  • Apps: Declare any apps that are associated with this child publisher. Add each app on a separate line in the following format: [App name], [App store ID], [iOS or Android]

    Apps are only available if mobile app sub-syndication is available for the parent's Ad Manager account.

The form must be submitted by the child publisher. A channel partner that submits this form in place of their child publisher risks disapproval of that child publisher, or even the channel partner itself in certain cases.

Google reviews the child publisher

The registration form is processed by Google, and the child publisher is either approved or disapproved. The child publisher approval process can take 24-48 hours.

Declare additional domains and apps

Once the child publisher is approved, declare any domains and apps that the child publisher didn’t already declare in the registration process. Domains and apps must be declared before they can be served ads.

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