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What's new on Jan 18, 2022

Report and optimize

Updated “Mediation Chain Served” metric

To be consistent with other Mediation Chain metrics, the "Mediation Chains Served" metric now only counts responses that return at least one third-party ad network tag. As before, the metric will be counted even if none of the ad networks in the response deliver an ad.

Active View metrics in Data Transfer

We're introducing new viewability fields in Data Transfer to help publishers correctly report on Active View for video creatives. The new fields apply for all creative types, and include:

  • Active View Eligible Impression Count (ActiveViewEligibleCount)
  • Active View Measurable Impression Count (ActiveViewMeasurableCount)
  • Active View Viewable Count (ActiveViewViewableCount)

These fields will ultimately replace legacy Active View fields:

  • Active View Eligible Impression (ActiveViewEligibleImpression)
  • Active View Measurable Impression (MeasurableImpression)
  • Active View Viewable Impression (ViewableImpression)

The legacy metrics will populate until April 30, 2022. For accurate reporting, publishers should start using the new Active View metrics.

New "ProcessingDateAndHour" Data Transfer Field 

We’re introducing a new Data Transfer field, ProcessingDateAndHour, to simplify matching ad events to the respective hourly file. 

Other product or Help Center updates

Prepare for upcoming Google Mobile Ads SDK release

The Google Mobile Ads (GMA) SDK 21.0.0 (Android) or version 9.0.0 (iOS) will be released in early 2022. In the update to these major versions, a number of existing APIs will be changed or deprecated. Minimum supported versions of Android, iOS, and the GMA SDK will also be updated. 

  • Before these versions become available, please consider updating API usage in existing apps per the Android or iOS migration guide.
  • When GMA SDK 21.0.0 (Android) or version 9.0.0 (iOS) becomes available, please ensure all apps have been updated according to the migration guide before releasing your apps.
  • Updating the GMA SDK to 21.0.0 (Android) or version 9.0.0 (iOS) without also making changes to the following APIs per the migration guide will cause issues with apps building or compiling and may affect revenue.
  • The breaking changes in GMA SDK to version 21.0.0 (Android) or version 9.0.0 (iOS) won’t break existing implementations that target older SDK versions.

Coming soon

Approaching SPM turndown
As part of the migration to MCM, SPM will be turned down on February 1, 2022. For details, check the migration timeline.

New MCM "Child partner name" reporting dimension
We’re introducing a new dimension in reporting for "Child partner name" to make it easier for publishers to identify their MCM child partners by name. Child partner name will reflect the company name that parent publishers see in the MCM section of Ad Manager.

Improved Top Pricing Rules card
We’re launching a series of improvements to the Top Pricing Rules card on the Home Dashboard that includes:

  • A more comprehensive data set:
    • Remnant bids have been added
    • A more detailed bid breakdown that shows Rejection reason for losing bids and Auction type for winning bids, or continue to group by winning and losing bids
  • Enhanced usability and navigation:
    • Breakdown by each pricing option
    • Floor price/tCPM indicator
    • UI indication of rule changes or deactivation during the selected time period

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