What's new in Google Ad Manager

Release notes for July 15, 2019

Manage inventory

Semi-transparent controls in URLs

To prepare for the deprecation of Open Auction pricing rules, you can now specify the branding setting (Branded / Semi-transparent) in URLs. With the Semi-transparent setting, buyers see your domain, but not the subdomain or path, in the bid request.

These settings will only be active once the transition to first-price auction is complete, in late July. Until then, branding settings (anonymous/semi-transparent/branded) in Open Auction rules continue to be applied across all Ad Exchange traffic. Starting late July, if you don’t specify a branding setting, your inventory will be set as Branded.

New limit on buyer protections

You can now block a maximum of 200 buyers per protection.

Traffic and deliver ads

Changes to native video impression counting

Ad Manager has changed the way native video ad impressions are counted to align with industry standards for video. Previously, native video ad impressions were counted automatically on ad render, as it's done with display ads. Beginning today, native video impressions are now only counted after the player begins playing the ad.

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