Using Privacy & messaging across Ad Manager, AdMob, & AdSense

If you have a combination of Ad Manager, AdSense and AdMob accounts, it's possible that you use each platform for different purposes. Both AdMob and Ad Manager support apps while AdSense and Ad Manager support sites.

How messages work for sites in Ad Manager & AdSense

For sites, once you create a message in the Privacy & messaging tab in one platform, you won't be able to create messages of any type for the same site in other platforms. 

For example, if you create a message for Site A in AdSense, you can’t create any messages for Site A in Ad Manager. 

Note, you can change a site's assigned host product in Privacy & messaging.

Ad Manager Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Manage Inventory (MI) & AdSense

If a child publisher has an AdSense account and an Ad Manager account with an MCM MI parent, and the child publisher and MI parent both publish messages to the same site that's tagged with the child publisher's AdSense tag and the MI parent's Ad Manager tag, it will lead to unexpected behavior as this setup is not supported.

In this scenario, the MCM MI child publisher needs to implement one of the following options:

  • If the child publisher wants to manage the messaging themselves, they should:
    1. Ask their MI parent to unpublish all of their messages for the site. Or, the child publisher can add their own ad blocking recovery tag code to gain control of the messaging.
    2. Publish their own messages for the site in their AdSense account.
  • If the child publisher wants their MI parent to manage the messaging, they should:
    1. Unpublish all of their messages for the site in their AdSense account.
    2. Ask the MI parent who has control of the messaging to publish the messages on their behalf.

Learn more about user messages and Multiple Customer Management (MCM).

How messages work for apps in Ad Manager & AdMob

For apps, once you create a message for an app, you can see it and manage it across both platforms. Any changes made in one platform will also occur in the other platform.

For example, if you unpublish a European regulations app message in AdMob, the message will also be un-published in Ad Manager.

Also note that when you select ad partners for the European regulations message, the ad partners you select in AdMob also apply to messages in Ad Manager and vice versa.

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