Set up a custom user choice (Beta)

These instructions only apply to publishers enrolled in the Offerwall custom choice closed beta program. Contact your account manager to learn more.

Adding a custom choice allows you to implement your own monetization solution as an additional user choice on Offerwall messages. For example, you can let site visitors sign in and purchase your existing site subscription.

What you should know

Before you add a custom choice to your Offerwall, you should be aware of the following:

  • You will need to write and deploy your own JavaScript in order to use this choice. Enabling custom choice without a correct implementation will result in Offerwall not displaying to end users.
  • You can preview the location and text of the custom user choice in the message builder in Privacy & messaging. However, you won’t be able to preview the custom choice screen behavior. This choice will look and behave as configured with your custom JavaScript. 
  • You can only add one custom user choice to an Offerwall.
  • You can test your custom JavaScript implementation against a subset of your site’s paths by utilizing the page inclusions and exclusions settings when you create an Offerwall.

Implement a custom choice

Complete the following steps to implement a custom choice in an Offerwall message:

  1. Define and register your monetization solution as a choice in your Offerwall. Complete the following steps in the HTML code of the site where you plan to display the Offerwall:
    1. Follow the steps in the Monetization Provider API to both define and register your monetization solution as a choice in the Offerwall.
    2. Place your custom JavaScript between the <head> and </head> tags in your site’s HTML code before other tags, such as ad tags or the Funding Choices tag.
    You must implement the Monetization Provider API (including all mandatory components) before you turn on the "Custom choice" toggle in the next step, otherwise your Offerwall will not appear.
  2. Turn on the "Custom choice" option. When you create an Offerwall, turn on the Custom choice toggle. This will allow the Offerwall to recognize your custom monetization implementation on your site.
  3. Configure your Offerwall message. Complete the following steps when editing your Offerwall:
    1. Edit the custom monetization solution button text. The default button label is "Custom choice." Must be changed before the Offerwall can be saved.
    2. Edit the description of your custom monetization solution. The default text description is "Custom text." Must be changed before the Offerwall can be saved.
    3. (Optional) Edit the Already supporting us? and Sign in footer text, as needed. The intention of this footer is to provide a sign-in link for users who have already met your Custom Choice’s requirements (for example, they already have an account and active subscription with your site).
      This footer will always appear in the message preview when Custom Choice is turned on so you can edit the text. However, it will only be visible to your site visitors if your custom JavaScript supports the optional monetization portal type PORTAL_SIGN_IN, as described in the Monetization Provider API.

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