Create an Offerwall message (Beta)

Complete the following steps to display an Offerwall message on your site:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Privacy & messaging.
  3. Create a new message. On the Offerwall message type card:

    • Click Create if this is your first Offerwall message.
    • Click Manage if you've previously created an Offerwall message. Then, click Create message.
  4. Select the sites on which this Offerwall will be displayed:
    1. Click Select sites.
    2. Select the desired sites.
    3. Click Confirm.
  5. (Optional) To include or exclude certain pages in the Offerwall, click Add URLs. Click your site's URL and select one of the following options: 
    1. Add page inclusion: Specify certain pages to include in the Offerwall. Setting up page inclusions automatically excludes all other pages (for example, if you only want the Offerwall to appear on one section of your site).
    2. Add page exclusion: Specify certain pages to exclude from the Offerwall. Site visitors will always be able to visit these pages without viewing an Offerwall.
  6. Select one or more languages in which this Offerwall will be displayed. 
  7. In the "Frequency settings" section, set the frequency threshold to determine how often to show the Offerwall message (for example, show after 2 page views).
  8. In the "User choices" section, turn on and configure the choices you want to display on this Offerwall. Turn off any choices you don't want to display.

    Rewarded ad

    Allow site visitors to view a Rewarded ad to access your site for a set period of time.

    Learn more about the "Rewarded ad" user choice

    Interest capture (Beta) 

    Allow site visitors to select their interests. Interests are dynamically determined at serving time. (3P): receive payments (Beta) 

    Allow site visitors to pay to access your site for a set period of time. This choice uses to accept payment pledges from site visitors.

    Learn more about the " (3P): receive payments" user choice

    Custom choice (Beta) 

    Publishers who wish to integrate their own monetization solution into the Offerwall, such as an existing subscription offering, can enable the custom choice by writing a JavaScript implementation of our MonetizationProvider interface.
  9. (Optional) Edit and format the message to match your editorial and visual standards.
  10. When you’re ready, click Publish. Or, click Save draft to save a draft of the message and exit the message builder without publishing.

Include or exclude pages in the Offerwall

You can choose which pages to include or exclude in your Offerwall.

  • If you don’t add any inclusions, the Offerwall will apply to your entire site.
  • Page exclusions apply after inclusions. This means exclusions should be added if you have pages within the included site or sections that you’d like to exclude.
The Privacy & messaging testing parameter fc=alwaysshow will not enable rendering on pages that have been excluded.

The following example shows how a specific URL can be used to broadly or narrowly include or exclude pages in an Offerwall. Note that exclusions will always override inclusions.


If you enter and specify the following page inclusion and page exclusion:

  • path-include /articles/
  • page-exclude /articles/my-public-article

Then (assuming you don't have subdomains configured underneath

  • Offerwall will not display on either or
  • Offerwall will display on and
  • Offerwall will not display on either or

For more details about showing user messages on specific subdomains, review user messages on sites and subsites.

Set Offerwall frequency threshold

You can determine how often to show your site visitors the Offerwall by setting a frequency threshold. Site visitors at or above the updated threshold will begin seeing the Offerwall. Any pages excluded from the Offerwall will not count toward a visitor’s page views in the Offerwall. Pageviews where the user has already gained access through a user choice will also not count towards the threshold.

If a user has recently seen a full-page takeover ad, Offerwall will not display for that pageview.

If the frequency is set to 2, the Offerwall will be shown to a site visitor after they have viewed two non-excluded pages on your site.

Set entitlements for Offerwall choices

You can customize the entitlements that your site visitors receive after selecting a choice, such as the number of hours or page views granted to a site visitor who completes the requirements for an Offerwall choice. Entitlements can be customized per choice under each user choice’s setup.

You could set the entitlement for watching a rewarded ad on your site to 12 hours of site access or 3 additional page views.

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