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Panoramica e guida del GDPR

Technical ad delivery (Beta)

To use this feature, you must be allowlisted for the Technical ad delivery beta program. Contact your account manager for more information.

Technical ad delivery is a solution to help publishers who have adopted the IAB TCF v2.2 deliver ads in adherence to GDPR when consent and legitimate interest for non-special purposes aren’t present.

Technical ad delivery relies on IAB TCF v2.2 Special Purpose 2 (SP2) and will utilize IP addresses for the technical delivery of ads. It will not utilize any other personal data processing operations allowed under a different TCF purpose.

Set up Technical ad delivery

Technical ad delivery doesn’t require any implementation in the Ad Manager user interface. If you set up your CMP to call Ad Manager on traffic without legitimate interest or consent, Ad Manager will attempt to serve Technical ad delivery-eligible creatives.

The following are supported for Technical ad delivery traffic:

  • Demand: Reservations and mediation only.
  • Targeting: Only Ad unit and some Key-value targeting are allowed for Technical ad delivery traffic.
    • Ad unit targeting: This is required for delivering an ad that has the correct technical format and dimensions level.
    • Key-value targeting: The selection of key-values for use cases identified by publishers as compliant with GDPR, TCF, and any applicable local regulations. Because Technical ad delivery is reliant on Special Purpose 2, key-values that are contextual or personalized should not be used.
    If you want to ensure that a line item will not serve to Technical ad delivery inventory, you can include additional targeting dimensions, such as Geography.

Other IAB TCF v2.2 consent management platforms (CMPs) shouldn't need to take any action to support Technical ad delivery. The existing TC string contains all of the relevant signals required to select the correct serving mode. If the following conditions are met for Google as an ad technology provider, we will serve Technical ads:

  • Legitimate interest for Special Purpose 1 & 2.

Reporting on Technical ad delivery

The Technical ad delivery report type provides information on impressions, ad units, orders, and advertisers.

Technical ad delivery relies on Special Purpose 2, which disallows any personal data processing operation allowed under a different purpose. To adhere to this requirement, Technical ad delivery reports do not include information about clicks and viewability (TCF Purpose 7) and Historical reports do not include information about clicks and impressions for Technical ads.

We recommend running both Ad Manager Historical and Technical ads delivery reports to ensure you have a comprehensive view of your Reservation and Mediation delivery because:

  • Technical ads impressions are not included in Historical reports.
  • Technical ads clicks are not included in any report type.
  • The Ad Manager Line Item and Order user interfaces include all Technical ads impressions and/or clicks in their summary view, which could create the perception of underdelivery when comparing reporting to the UI.
Technical ads impressions are not included in any other report type. To report on Technical ads impressions, you must run a Technical ad delivery report.

Complete the following steps to run a Technical ad delivery report:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Reporting and then Reports.
  3. Click New report.
  4. In the "Report type" section, click Edit.
  5. Select "Technical ad delivery" and click Done.
  6. Select the desired dimensions and metrics to add to the report.
  7. Click Run.

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