Set up the "Rewarded ad" user choice (Beta)

You can offer site visitors the chance to watch a short ad and earn access to your site.

Requirements and restrictions

  • You first need to create a rewarded ad unit and link it to your Offerwall message.
  • Rewarded ads are supported for reservations, Preferred Deals, Open Auction, Private Auctions, and Programmatic Guaranteed.
  • Publishers using rewarded inventory must comply with the policies for ad units that offer rewards.

Link a rewarded ad unit to your Offerwall

I have previously created an Offerwall ad unit in Ad Manager

If you have previously created a rewarded ad unit, review the steps to set up and traffic rewarded ads.

I have not previously created an Offerwall ad unit in Ad Manager

Complete the following steps to create a rewarded ad unit for use with your Offerwall messages.

Create an ad unit

  1.  Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Ad units.
  3. Click New ad unit.
  4. Enter the settings details.
    1. Enter a Name for the ad unit. It’s helpful to include information about the ad unit's location in the name. Example: "Rewarded Offerwall Ad Unit"
    2. Enter a Code to identify the ad unit in the associated ad tag. The code name is case-sensitive and can't be changed later. If you don't enter a code name, it defaults to the "Name" set in the ad unit. Example: "rewarded-offerwall-ad-unit"
    3. (optional) Enter a description of the ad unit.
  5. Select the ad size details. 
    1. From the "Size mode" dropdown list, select Fixed size.
    2. Click the "Sizes" field and check the checkbox for 1x1 (Custom).
    3. In the "Video or audio (VAST) sizes" section, click the "Master" field and select 1x1v (Video/VAST).
  6. Click Save.

Create an order

  1. Click Delivery and then Orders.
  2. Click New order.
  3. Enter a name for the order.
  4. Select an existing advertiser, or create a new company.

Add a new line item

  1. Click Add line item. The "Ad type" page opens.
  2. Select Standard, if not already selected by default.
  3. Click Select display ad.
  4. Enter a name for the line item.
  5. In the "Line item type" section, select Ad Exchange from the "Type" dropdown list.
  6. In the "Expected creatives" section, click the "Add sizes" field and select 1x1 (Custom).
  7. In the "Delivery settings" section, set the start and end times.
    1. Start time: Select Immediately.
    2. End time: Select Unlimited.
  8. Click Save.

Add a creative

  1. Click Delivery and then Orders.
  2. Click the name of the order associated with your rewarded ad unit.
  3. Click the line item to which you want to add a creative.
  4. Click the Creatives tab.
  5. Click Automatically generate creative.

Approve the order

  1. Click Delivery and then Orders.
  2. Click the name of the order in the list.
  3. Click Approve. A popup notification will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm the order has been approved.

Adjust line item targeting

  1. Click Delivery and then Line items.
  2. Click the name of the line item you created.
  3. In the "Add targeting" section, click Inventory and then Ad units.
  4. In the list of ad units, hover over the Offerwall ad unit and click Add. It will appear in the "Include" column.
  5. Click Save.

Assign the rewarded ad unit to an Offerwall message

  1. Click Privacy & messaging.
  2. Click Manage on the Offerwall message type card.
  3. Click the name of your Offerwall message in the list.
  4. In the "User choices" section, turn on the Rewarded ad user choice.
  5. Click the Select ad unit field and select the rewarded ad unit you created in the previous steps.
  6. Click Publish to publish the updated Offerwall message.

Review existing protections for conflicts

  1. Click Protections and then Protections.
  2. Review existing protections to ensure they won't conflict with the rewarded ad unit or block it from displaying video ads.
  3. Add an exclusion for the rewarded ad unit on protections that may affect the ad unit's ability to display video ads. For example, exclude protections that:
    • Are configured to block all video ads.
    • Have the "Block non-instream video ads" setting turned on.


Insufficient rewarded demand

The Offerwall with the rewarded ad turned on will only be displayed when there is a rewarded ad available. If no rewarded ad is available, the Offerwall will not be shown during that page view. The Offerwall will instead be shown on the next page view that occurs while a rewarded ad is available.

Potential reasons for low fill rates, which might impact how often Offerwall is shown, include the following settings:
  • Blocking video ads (or other protections)

    Rewarded ads can include both video or display ads, so protections configured to block all video ads may inadvertently block rewarded video ads. If you would like to block video ads on your inventory, but allow them for a specific Offerwall rewarded ad unit, create an exclusion on the Offerwall rewarded ad unit.

    Selecting "Only protect specified inventory" with an exclusion on the ad unit will protect everything except the ad unit.
  • Setting a very high price floor for your rewarded ad unit
    High price floors on the rewarded ad unit may lead to fewer rewarded ads being available for the Offerwall. To configure price floors, click Inventory, and then Pricing rules. We suggest choosing the "Let Google optimize for me" option, setting no price floor, or setting a lower price floor. Review "Unified pricing rules" to learn more about the available options.

Incorrectly configured rewarded ad unit

The Offerwall won’t show if the rewarded ad unit isn’t properly configured. When site visitors select the "Rewarded ad" user choice in the Offerwall, the settings applied to the selected rewarded ad unit are used to display the rewarded ad.

Review the steps to link a rewarded ad unit to your Offerwall.

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