Delivery basics

Using Ad Manager with a third-party ad server

If you choose to use a third-party ad server, you can use Ad Manager to access real-time demand from Ad Exchange.

Ad Exchange tags

Ad Exchange tags allow you to enable price competition between Ad Exchange and other supply-side platforms (SSPs). 

Approved European Economic Area (EEA) publishers only

Via the Pricing floor feature in Ad Exchange tags, you can specify a floor price that is not passed to Ad Exchange bidders but which Ad Exchange must beat, and if desired, you can specify a separate floor price which is passed to Ad Exchange bidders.

Remnant line item serving mode

Approved EEA publishers only

Remnant line item serving mode allows you to send the winning price from your third-party ad server to trigger price competition in Ad Manager through a remnant line item. The winning price you send from your third-party ad server can include header bidding and any other direct or indirect demand booked in your third-party ad server. Remnant line items triggered in Ad Manager with remnant line item serving mode will not incur Ad Manager ad serving fees. 

More information

To learn more about using Ad Manager with a third-party ad server, and for more guidance on how to set up Ad Exchange tags and the remnant line item serving mode when using a third-party ad server, see Add price floors to Ad Exchange tags and Enable remnant line item serving mode.

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