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App performance and targeting (Beta)

In Apps, you can learn more about each of your claimed app's performance. Review overall app performance, as well as more information about each app's line items, yield group targeting, and ad units served.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory, then Apps.
  3. Click the name of a claimed app to review.
    If your app is not listed, click Add app to claim.


Use the "Performance summary" card to view the performance of your app across different metrics and dimensions. Learn more about your traffic and where it's performing best.

Change the metrics and dimensions applied to the data in the card and add filters to narrow the scope of the data. The card will display up to 5 items related to the dimension and metric selected.

  • Use the "Break down by" selector for applying a dimension to your data. Values include "None," "Country," "Yield partner, "Inventory format," "Inventory type," and "Browser category"
  • Use the metric cards to change how your data is displayed. Values include "Impressions," "Revenue," and "eCPM".
When you select the "Country" dimension and the "Impressions" metric, the card displays data for the top 5 countries where your app generates impressions. Any remaining countries will be grouped together in the "Other" category.

Learn more about your traffic and performance:

  • Hover over the lines in the chart to learn more about the data at that point in time.
  • Click Show details to see more information based on the selected breakdown.
  • Click View in reporting to open the full report for further investigation.

Line items

In Line items, you can review all line items which are targeted to this app. You can also review line items that have served in an ad unit for this app within the last 30 days.

You can create a new order to target any listed line items for this app.

  1. Click Inventory, then Apps, then Line items.
  2. Click New order to create an order that targets this app's line items.

Yield groups

In Yield groups, review which yield groups are targeted to your app and which yield groups have served within the last 30 days. If you have created yield groups which have not served, those yield groups will not be listed. Create new yield groups to automatically target this app.

  1. Click Inventory, then Apps, then Yield groups.
  2. Click New yield group to target this app.

Ad units

In Ad units, you can review ad units which have served in this app within the last 30 days. Ad units which have been created but have not served in that time period will not be listed. You can create new ad units for this app.

  1. Click Inventory, then Apps, then Ad units.
  2. Click New ad unit to create an ad unit for this app.

Update app settings

You can update the internal app name and store details for each app entry.

  1. Click Inventory, then Apps.
  2. Click Edit to edit the app, or once in the app listing, click Settings.
  3. Update the Name for the listing in Ad Manager. Changes to this name do not affect the public name of your app in app stores.

The app package name can't be changed. If your app has a new package name, please claim the app again.

Additional details in Settings include data scraped from the linked app store.

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