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DAI Pod Serving (Beta)

Overview of DAI Pod Serving

DAI Pod Serving is a beta intended for Ad Manager publishers and video technology partners who either have an in-house manifest manipulation service or are currently using third-party manifest manipulation that's already integrated with DAI. Contact your account manager for details.
Developer documentation See the DAI Pod Serving developer documentation for SDK & API configurations and examples. Available for HTML5, Android, iOS, tvOS, DAI API, and Chromecast.

How Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) works

Dynamic Ad Insertion is a server-side ad-insertion technology that enables a seamless, personalized ad experience at scale. It does so by managing the following:

DAI workflow

  1. Ad pod building: Requests video ads and unifies them into an ad pod, or commercial break.
  2. Creative conditioning: Transcodes every video creative in advance to meet the format and delivery requirements of each device.
  3. Manifest manipulation: Inserts video ad pods by "stitching" them into content to create a single, seamless video stream in real time.
Note: Ad Manager offers two DAI integration options: Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) and DAI Pod Serving.

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

With Dynamic Ad Insertion, partners send their video content to DAI, where it manages all three processes—ad pod building, creative conditioning, and manifest manipulation.

Traditional DAI workflow

DAI Pod Serving

With DAI Pod Serving, partners no longer need to send their content to DAI. Instead, DAI Pod Serving manages only ad pod building and creative conditioning, and provides ready-to-stitch ad pods that can be inserted into the manifest by a partner's first- or third-party streaming solution.

Pod Serving gives ownership of the manifest back to the partner, offering more flexibility and control over their end-to-end streaming workflow and manifest manipulation process.

An example of DAI pod serving

  Compare Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) architecture to DAI Pod Serving

The workflow for DAI pod serving


The workflow for DAI pod serving

Set up DAI Pod Serving

To set up DAI Pod Serving, you'll need to:

  1. Configure your in-house or third-party manifest manipulator to receive and stitch the ad pods
  2. Configure playback

DAI Pod Serving requirements and restrictions

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