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Compare DAI player implementation types

Choose an implementation type based on feature, platform, and device support

The IMA SDK should always be used for major platforms. Where not available, the DAI API (Beta) offers similar functionality with client triggered ad metric reporting and support for linear (live) and video on demand (VOD). For a subset of use-cases, Server-Side Beacon (SSB) can also be used.

This table compares the features supported for Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) implementations that use the IMA SDK, SSB and the DAI API, which is currently in beta.

     SSB      Notes
Video ad metric reporting Supported Supported Limited support With SSB, the ad server tracks video ad impressions, however there is no support on VOD streams for VAST quartile events or user interaction tracking.
Ad Exchange monetization Supported Limited support Limited support Ad Exchange monetization without IMA is supported through the Programmatic Access Library (PAL).
Clickable ads Supported Supported Not supported There is IMA SDK support for DAI clickable ads for HTML5, iOS, and Android.

The DAI API supports clickable ads, however, they require publisher implementation.

Companion ads Supported Supported Not supported There is IMA SDK and DAI API support for companion ads only on the HTML5 platform using the Ads API.
Player controls

(countdown, subtitles, bookmarking, snapback, scrubbing, cue point information)

Supported Supported Not supported The DAI API provides metadata that supports player controls, however, they require publisher implementation. 

mid-roll and post-rolls

Supported Supported Not supported  


Supported Supported Supported  
Live or linear stream

ad breaks

Supported Supported Supported  

DAI implementation types


The IMA SDK, when used for Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) enables the player to request a video on demand (VOD) stream or linear (live) stream and send signals to Ad Manager for reporting. Event tracking with the SDK is more accurate than Server-Side Beaconing (SSB).

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Server‑Side Beaconing (SSB)

SSB allows an HLS player to make a direct HTTP request to the Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) system, where Ad Manager tracks and reports on video stream metrics based on estimates. Any player should be able to play an SSB stream, however feature support is limited.

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DAI API  (Beta) 

The API for Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) allows access to monetized streams where the IMA SDK is not supported (for example, Smart TVs). The IMA SDK is required on platforms where it is available. The API supports all existing DAI features, however, they require publisher implementation.

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