About key-values

Predefined and dynamic key-values

When you add key-values, you'll need to understand the difference between predefined and dynamic key-values.

  • Predefined key-values: keys and their values are static and don't change based information of a particular user.
  • Dynamic key-values: use a defined key but take dynamic values based on user attributes or behavior. Use dynamic targeting if you don't want to define key values in advance.

Predefined key-values

Use predefined key-values when you know the possible range of values.

For example, create the predefined key "age", and enter ranges as values—such as, "18-32", "33-42", and so forth. When you add the line item, select "age" as the key and "18-32" as the value. The key-value remains hard-coded in the ad tag.

Most publishers believe it's good practice to use less identifiable key-values strings in ad tags. Learn more in Names versus display names.

Dynamic key-values

Only targeting keys marked as "reportable" are included in Ad Manager reports. When you make a key reportable:

  • All values defined for that key are also included in reports from that time forward.
  • Reports covering dates before a key is added to reporting won't display data for the key.
  • Undefined values won't appear in reporting, even if their key is reportable. The values must be defined first.

Example of dynamic key-values

Target line items to specific content and ad slots. If you want to target specific pages on your site, create a dynamic key named "pageID". Add pageID=123456 to the page's ad tags and then target your line item to that key-value.

You might also use key-values to target ads to specific ad slot positions. If you sell your ad slots above the fold at a premium, create a pre-defined key called "position" with multiple values, such as "top", "right-box", and "bottom". Add the key and value combination to your ad tags (position=top) and target certain line items to that key-value so they don't appear below the fold.

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