Delete your Google Account information from a device

To protect your Google Account information, we recommend you take the following precautions when using someone else’s device, or when you plan to give away or throw away a device.

Delete your account information from someone else’s device

If you plan to use someone else’s computer, tablet, or smartphone and want to make sure no personal information is saved to that device, we recommend you use private browsing. When you’re done, close all browser windows and you’ll no longer be signed in to any accounts you accessed with that device. Your browsing history will not be saved on the device.

If you didn’t use private browsing and still have the device with you, we suggest clearing the browser’s cache & cookies. This will clear your browsing history on that device and ensure you’re completely signed out of accounts you accessed.

If you believe you’ve left your account signed in on a device you no longer have, you can sign yourself out remotely by changing your account password.

Delete your account information from your device

If you’re planning to give away or throw away a device, we recommend you clear all data and applications from the device. Clearing data varies by device:

If you’re planning to throw away a device, you can also consider a hard drive destruction service.

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