Set up 2-Step Verification

If you use an Android phone, you can easily set up 2-Step Verification from your device.

To set up 2-Step Verification:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account settings page by clicking on your name or picture in the upper right corner of the screen and then clicking Account.
  2. Scroll down to the "Signing in" box.
  3. Click 2-Step Verification. This will bring you to the 2-Step Verification settings page.
  4. You will then see a step-by-step guide which will help you through the setup process.
  5. Once you’re done, you’ll be taken to the 2-Step Verification settings page again. Be sure to review your settings and add backup phone numbers.
  6. You’re done! Next time you sign in, you’ll receive an SMS with a verification code

Note: You also have the option of using a Security Key for 2-Step Verification.

Easy setup for Android users

Users who only access their Google Account from Android devices can use a short walkthrough to set up the Google Authenticator application on their phones. With Google Authenticator, you can generate verification codes on your phone even if your phone isn't connected to a network.

  1. Follow steps 1-2 in the instructions above to access your 2-Step Verification settings and then click Settings.
  2. Android users (4.0 or older) will see a screen providing an option to install the Google Authenticator app.
  3. If you prefer to receive codes via SMS instead of using the Google Authenticator app, click on the link at the bottom of the screen that says "You can receive codes by text message (SMS) or voice instead" and follow the instructions to complete the setup.
  4. If you would like to use Google Authenticator, click "Send me the app" to install the app on your phone and follow the instructions on your screen to complete the setup process.
  5. Verify that the time on your Android device is correct.
  6. You’re done! Next time you sign in, you’ll be prompted to enter a code that you’ll get from the Authenticator app.

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